Mora Bertoncini and the immeasurable affection for the goal

Mora Bertoncini and the immeasurable affection for the goal
Mora Bertoncini and the immeasurable affection for the goal

Mora Bertoncini defends her club tooth and nailnot only under the three sticks, but he also nourishes his team with his experience and tries to help wherever he can to make the discipline of hockey grow. In this interview with he spoke about his journey so far, and the one he still has to travel.

Before going into the history of his affection for the Buenos Aires Cricket and Rugby Club, Mora emphasized the way in which he came to the institution now located in Bancalari: “I went to a school where my teachers were Maripi Hernández and Gaby Pazostwo legends of ByeI really liked playing football and I started playing goalkeeping at school when I was about ten years old. They always told me to come to BA and I didn’t want to know anything about it. Until my last year at school they told me: ‘Come on, try it out. We need a goalkeeper.’ I went, I liked it and I stayed. I loved it, the people, the atmosphere. The truth is that I found a very nice group of people.”.

Now, after that brief introduction, Bertoncini explained the meaning of BA in his life: “It’s my second homeI’m here four times a week, all day on Saturday. My friends. I’ve been in the club since 2011. I got in quite big. In fifth grade, first year of fifth grade, but since I entered I stayed. I made my debut in Primera in 2012 and I have been here permanently since 2014.”

Despite her contributions to preventing goals, the goalkeeper of Bye He told how he tries to help the team on the field in other ways: “I try to give securitylet them know that I am behind and to be able to transmit to the girls that they should play quietly, without thinking that when they reach the area they can hurt us. At first I didn’t speak, nor did I give many instructions and now I feel that I am very present, I try to organize the defense; that also helps me to concentrate and stay involved in the game.“, the goalkeeper stressed.

He also stated: “Defensively we are very good. We have conceded few goals, but it is not because of me but because of the whole team, we focus on defending and we are doing very well.”

Archers have a constant struggle with frustration and mistakes, Mora told how his process was to work on it: “When I was younger, making mistakes affected me a lot.I was very demanding. In fact, sometimes if I didn’t make a mistake and they scored a goal on me, it also affected me. And not today, I try to make as few mistakes as possible, obviously it’s difficult sometimes, but if they score a goal on me it doesn’t affect me as much as before. Now I grab the ball and encourage the team to come out.”.

Similarly, the BA goalkeeper inferred the reason why she feels comfortable between the three sticks: “I like standing there, the bow is mineI enjoy doing everything possible to defend my club and saving them is what pleases me the most, being present and taking the lead when the team is having difficulties, but Starting from the basis that we can all make mistakes and tried to give her the confidence that I am there”.

In a context of a lack of goalkeepers in most of the clubs in the Metropolitan Tournament, Bertoncini placed great emphasis on the training he envisions in his club: “Luckily there are quite a few minors here.There is one goalkeeper – at least in the A – per category, that is good to do group goalkeeper training and for them to get to know me, for them to know how good it is to be a goalkeeper in the First Division. It is important to represent your club, the truth is that I get along very well with the girls, I try to maintain that relationship so that they are motivated. because they keep growing and lose a little of that fervor and stop, so I try to stay connected so they continue training, to keep trying and aim to get to where I am now”.

Discipline and perseverance are essential to improve in the goalkeeping profession, which is why Bertoncini states that no specialized training should be overlooked: “Here we do Mondaysonce a week, We always preach that nothing should be skipped. If there is a friendly, the stimulus has to be the same and It also serves as a motivation for a junior archer.It’s good that they are on top of the little ones. Today, for example, it often happens that they put on the pads, they send them to the goal, they throw stones at their camp and they don’t say anything to them. They are not corrected or warned about what they did well or what they did wrong.. It is essential so that they do not feel like a puppet and that is also important so that they do not leave, Because nowadays they get to the fifth or higher level and they don’t want to continue, a lot has already happened, It is key to value the archers because there are few and at some point you run out“, Mora said.

María de la Paz Hernández, a historic figure in BA, left the activity in 2022 and after a year she returned to collaborate at this moment of the club and Bertoncini was full of praise for her: “Knife She was my teacher at school, so I know her a lot, Now she is my friendher return was very important, she is a leader and we missed it last year. Today it is giving way to others to take center stage.“That has always been good for us, it is very useful for us.”

The goalkeeper from Buenos Aires did not avoid referring to her great aspiration in the club: “My dream was always to get promoted to the AWe were close, we had a very good generation of players when we played the promotion against Banco Provincia in 2019, before the pandemic. Although that desire remains pending, I dream of playing goalkeeping for the club and continuing to help until new goalkeepers arrive. and give them a hand when I stop playing, but I have that desire to leave the club at the top or at least try to.”

Finally, Bertoncini took the time to thank someone special for these years of support: “I don’t want to close without thanking my of the things I enjoy most about hockey is sharing it with him. He has always been very important since I started playing and To this day he still accompanies me every Saturday“, Mora concluded.

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