Carlos Alcaraz acts as sovereign on the grass

Carlos Alcaraz acts as sovereign on the grass
Carlos Alcaraz acts as sovereign on the grass


That’s what happens when you challenge the gods. They get angry. They unleash all their fury. And they punish you. That’s what happened to Tommy Paulwho acted bravely before Carlos Alcaraz and ended up pierced by the scorching lightning of the Murcian, who already has the title in sight at the All England Club. For now, is already in the semi-finals. Few things please the American more than beating Spanish tennis players. He had given Carlitos a taste of his venom on two occasions. But The jewel of Murcia does not want anyone to invade his sacred space, that stronghold built of gold that he gained access to last year when he rose to prominence at Wimbledon. And there he remains, acting as sovereign. Among the gods of tennis.

The first set was almost the equivalent of a full match. One hour and twelve minutes to decide the winner, which was Tommy Paul.. Carlos Alcaraz, lacking finesse with the first serve, was exposed to the American’s defense. And on the return he could not take advantage of the multiple break opportunities he had, only one out of nine. Bad numbers. And when it seemed that the long debate that was going to be resolved in the ‘tie-break’unexpected errors from the Murcian condemned him.

The wind was blowing hard. The storm could have turned into a hurricane with a 0-2 deficit in the next inning. But Carlitos got upreturning the break to his enemy. And he began to get going, to the point of placing himself with the option of taking the set. He did so after a point in which he broke Tommy Paul’s resistance, based on talent and physical display. Albert Molina stood up, unable to repress his admiration. Juan Carlos Ferrero, more timid, remained seated, but a smile of gratitude escaped him.

Carlos Alcaraz began to be Carlos Alcaraz, with all his recognizable features, with his devastating tennis, in the third set. That Carlos Alcaraz against whom there is no antidote. Opening angles, causing unanimous exclamations in the stands with balloons, hammering with his right… And patient, very patient. Because Tommy Paul, as we already knew, is difficult to reduce. And that’s why the Murcian let a ¡Vaaaamos! which thundered throughout London as they took a 4-2 lead. Even his father, naturally restrained in his emotions, jumped in the box.And he repeated the move in the next game, winning the rest. Alcaraz threw himself on top of the ball and nailed it where the American could not reach.

Already in full swing, Alcaraz gave Tommy Paul no more options or hope in the next match. Carlos Alcaraz makes it through the front door into the Wimbledon semi-finals. It is the sixth time he has reached that round in a Grand Slam, just two behind Manolo Santana. No joke.

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