The solidarity gesture that Ansu Fati had with the inhabitants of Guinea, his native country :: Olé

The solidarity gesture that Ansu Fati had with the inhabitants of Guinea, his native country :: Olé
The solidarity gesture that Ansu Fati had with the inhabitants of Guinea, his native country :: Olé

09/07/2024 12:41hs.

With the semi-finals of the Eurocup preseason is about to begin, and the Old Continent is making steady progress. However, Ansu Fati He took advantage of the break to make a gesture of solidarity with the inhabitants of Guineahis native country.

According to local media, the winger He paid 10 ophthalmologists from Catalonia to operate on 500 citizens of the region who suffer from cataractsIt should be noted that the initiative is aimed at people of any age y The care will be completely freeTherefore, those who wish to be treated must go to an operating room that operates within an orphanage.

“To give you an idea, in Spain Each operation of this type on one eye costs three thousand euros.. Here in Guinea, with the help of the Ansu Fati Foundation, we have it for free,” explained the project coordinator in dialogue with the press. Along the same lines, he highlighted: “This is the player’s way of giving back everything he has achieved in football“.

In this sense, it is important to remember that this is not the first time that the footballer has made this type of move. In fact, He founded an association that bears his name y operates daily in the areaFurthermore, based on what its collaborators indicated, the idea is to continue in this way and even strengthen educational centers.

Ansu Fati’s numbers

Throughout his career, Ansu Fati disputed 149 partiesHowever, his longest stay was in the Barcelonaa club he represented in 112 opportunities. Wearing the Spanish team’s shirt, the winger scored 29 goals and toasted seven assists. After being loaned out, The footballer went to Englandwhere it represents the Brighton since last season.

It is worth noting that, due to his dual nationality, the forward represented the Spanish national team in nine matches. In addition, He was also called up to the lower categories of the national teamwhere he added a few minutes.

Ansu Fati now wears Brighton colours (club press).

Ansu Fati’s complicated present

Since it did not achieve the expected performance, The team where Lionel Messi played decided to loan him to Brighton so he can get a feel for the Premier LeagueHowever, in England he was unable to meet the coach’s expectations either.

“He needs to improve his performances, his physical condition and his mentality, because to play in the Premier League you have to be stronger mentally and physically,” he said. Roberto DeZerbi after leaving him on the bench in one of the last matches. Following the same line, he sentenced: “You have to give something more, because what you are doing is not enough.. Expectations are always very high for him. His first part of his career has been hard to accept and understand, but For great players, the most important thing is to adapt to the expectations you have.“.

Ansu Fati in Brighton colours (club press).

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