Granada, the best city to live in for the French according to ‘Le Figaro’

Tuesday, July 9, 2024, 09:37

| Updated 18:45h.


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The French choose Granada to settle as workers, students or retirees. The capital is the best city to live in, according to ‘Le Figaro’. The French newspaper has ranked the city as the favourite for the French, whether to work, study or settle in after retirement.

The climate or the cost of living were the reasons why more than 82,000 French people stayed in Spain in 2022, with an increase of 4% compared to the previous year, according to the French newspaper. After carrying out a report on the 30 most populated cities in Spain and examining different categories, Granada has become the city most chosen by the inhabitants of the neighbouring country. Quality of life, culture and entertainment, security, health, economy and the number of French schools are the categories that have been analysed for their study.

To compile this ranking, they assigned an overall score to each city and calculated a weighted average of its score in each category. In the case of the ranking for retirees, they eliminated the study of economics and education.

The parameters studied were different in each category. In the case of demographics, they assessed the number of French people living in the different cities and the average age by nationality. For security, they looked at all crimes and misdemeanours by province and, for health, they examined the number of doctors per inhabitant and the number of hospital beds per capita.

They also looked at the density of French museums, cinemas, restaurants, bars and educational establishments. They also took into account property prices, unemployment rates and the distance between the city centre and the coast, among other things.

A reference in France

Granada is number one on the list of cities where French workers and students decide to settle. Barcelona is number two, followed by San Sebastian and Zaragoza. In contrast to Elche, Madrid and Jerez de la Frontera, which are at the bottom of the ranking.

For retirees, Granada is also the number one city, followed by Zaragoza, Cartagena and Barcelona. In this case, Jerez de la Frontera and Madrid are also at the bottom of the list, along with Vitoria Gasteiz.

According to the French, “life is good in Granada.” They highlight the proximity to the sea and the mountains, not forgetting the historic side of the city. They also praise the cultural dynamism, the numerous concerts in the city’s bars, the shows, the flamenco events and the low cost of living, according to testimonies collected by ‘Le Figaro’.

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