RTVE Play wants to be more like Netflix and seeks to add recommendations to users

RTVE Play wants to be more like Netflix and seeks to add recommendations to users
RTVE Play wants to be more like Netflix and seeks to add recommendations to users

The RTVE platform seeks to improve the user experience to be a more accessible streaming service, as is the clear example of Disney+, Prime Video, Max or Netflix. To do so, the public channel will invest almost 5 million euros in the development of new features for its platform. In fact, they are already thinking about tools as useful as the recommendations already offered on other streaming services.

One of the last major changes to RTVE Play was the fact that it made user registration mandatory to continue enjoying free access to its content. However, looking ahead to the future of this service, free platformThe public company is going to invest in improving its streaming service with two new solutions, all with the aim of allowing a more personalized user experience.

The key is to improve the user experience

Achieving an improvement in the user experience when using the RTVE Play platform is one of the reasons why it is worth investing, or at least that is the opinion of the Spanish public channel. In fact, it is going to invest up to 4.7 million euros in developing different functionalities with which it intends to meet this objective.

With this series of solutions, this free service will gain in customization. Something that already characterizes the rest of the current streaming platforms such as Prime Video, Netflix, Max… In addition, it must be taken into account that, although it is already mandatory to register, according to RTVE data, There are about 6.5 million registered users. Although the forecast is to reach 12 million. However, to reach this figure they must continue to invest in new tools.

Hence, they have independently put out to tender a new project to add two new options. And the initial idea is that everything should be ready. before December 31, 2024. Therefore, before the end of the year, they should already be available.

The two new features coming to RTVE Play

Within this new RTVE project there are two solutions: the first consists of adding a technology to improve the knowledge of users, and as for the second, it is based on implementing a function of recommendations so that users can find content that suits their tastes.

To go into more detail, the first user knowledge solution will serve to generate information and knowledge about audience behaviour. And this option will be handled by the consulting firm Plexus for a value of 2,885,165.26 euros. In this way, users can be segmented according to their consumption or the attributes associated with them, in order to launch interaction campaigns, for example.

However, the most striking option is the one that Crosspoint will take care of for 1,842,461.74 euros. Basically, because it is a solution for further customize the streaming platform RTVE’s free service. It consists of offering subscribers a series of content recommendations, in the purest Netflix, Max, etc. These recommendations will depend on tastes, content that has already been played, profile and consumption methods. Therefore, several factors will be taken into account.

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