The house of Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel, the first renovation of the program ‘The Iglesias. Brothers at work’

If a few days ago we revealed the day of Premiere of ‘The Iglesias Brothers at Work’ on RTVEwe have already been able to enjoy the premiere and the broadcast of the first episode of this renovation program in famous houses led by brothers Chábeli and Julio Iglesias Jr. For 8 episodes, the Iglesias brothers will travel between Miami and Spain, entering the homes of celebrities and friends to transform them. Chábeli will be in charge of the design and Julio Jr. has taken on the role of the handyman, that is, he will be the one who brings to life the projects devised by his sister.

In this first chapter, the first reform they have made has been in Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel’s house in Miamia house located in Biscayne Park, a development where many artists live and which stands out for its lush vegetation. This first project of the Iglesias brothers has not been easy at all, they have had many unforeseen events against himbut that’s how beginnings always are: they are a bit of an uphill struggle. Have they managed to transform Beatriz and Youtel’s house? We’ll tell you all about it!

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What was Beatriz Luengo and Youtel’s house like before the renovation?

Beatriz Luengo and Youtel have been together for more than 20 years and have been living outside Spain for more than 10 years, in Miami. The couple, together with their two children, D’Angelo and Zoe, live in a luxurious villa in the Biscayne Park development. It is a Single-storey villa with white facadelarge windows to enjoy natural light indoors and with immense and spectacular exteriors, with a large patio with pool At one of the entrances to the house, a glass door leads directly to the living room, outdoor kitchen and many plants.

While Beatriz was in Spain for work, Youtel wanted to take advantage of those 15 days that he was away to renovate the house with the Iglesias brothers and thus give her a surprise when she returned. Getting into a Bea’s “hidden” renovation It wasn’t a very good idea, but in the end, the Iglesias and Youtel decided to take a risk and go ahead. And what did Julio and Chábeli find when they entered the doors of this luxurious villa?

Abstract decoration
Alfin Productions

Well, they found an old-fashioned house since the couple He got into it just as he bought itThat is, in these 10 years they have not reformed anything, they have always wanted to make changes because they felt that the energy that flows is not theirs, but they never agreed. The house had a outdated decoration and lots of colors, damaged furniture that needed to be fixed (the sofa in the living room was 8 years old, white, with tufting and brown stains) and that had nothing to do with each other, cables hanging out and badly placed in the living room and a lot of disorganization in generalIn short, the house had no personality at all; it was obvious, from a distance, that everything belonged to the previous owners.

The aftermath: these are the changes of the Iglesias

In addition to giving the entire house a good facelift, Youtel went to the Iglesias brothers because Bea had been dreaming of having a dressing room for years: The closet they had in the master bedroom was too small for both of their things, so they needed to find an area of ​​the house to put it in. Youtel and Julio were clear about it, Zoe’s room was right next to her parents’ bedroom and had a lot of light, so the proposal was Turning the girl’s room into a dressing roomclose the current door to fit a larger wardrobe, knock down the partition that joined both rooms and thus create a direct access between the master bedroom and the new dressing room.

This is what Zoe’s room looked like:

Zoe's room

And this is how it has been transformed into a dressing room:

Dressing room after

As for the decoration of the house, Chábeli put her hands on her head when she saw the mix of colors that there were: decorative elements in red, very abstract paintings and even a yellow entrance door (although the door has been kept as is). The daughter of Isabel Preysler and Julio Iglesias was clear that she needed to fill this house with calming colors that invite relaxation. I wanted to use neutral colours, noble materials, light woods and turn the living room into a more welcoming and modern space, with more functional and stylish furniture. This meant get rid of almost all the furniture existing pieces of the house, a task that was a little difficult because Youtel, despite not being his own pieces, was very attached to them.

This is what the living room looked like before the renovation:

Music Corner

And this is how it looks after passing through the brothers, with a lovely olive green color:

Living room after

Another part of the living room that…:

Another one before the hall

…it has now become the music corner:

Music Corner

From our point of view, Chábeli and Julio Iglesias Jr. have passed their first reform project with flying colors. How will they fare in the next challenges?

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