A Russian court has ordered the arrest of Yulia Navalnaya, Navalny’s widow.

The Basmanny District Court press office statement announcing the arrest warrant did not detail the reason for the charges, but it appeared to be related to her role in leading Navalny’s opposition organization. Although Navalnaya avoided any overtly political role while her husband was alive, she has long headed the advisory board of his Anti-Corruption Foundation.

The foundation, which has been labeled “extremist” and now operates as an international organization from exile in Lithuania, has repeatedly embarrassed Putin and other top Kremlin officials by displaying the properties, yachts and other financial assets they have acquired during their tenure.

The order to arrest Navalnaya came from the Investigative Committee, and the court’s statement said her name would be added to an international wanted list. Navalnaya left Russia in 2021; according to the statement, if she returns to Russia, she will be arrested.

Navalnaya reacted to the court’s decision in a slightly mocking tone, pointing out in a post on X that the court had jumped straight to the “extremist” label without the usual intermediate steps, such as “foreign agent.”

“When you write about this, please do not forget to add the most important thing: Vladimir Putin is a murderer and a war criminal,” Navalnaya wrote. “His place is in prison, and not somewhere in The Hague, in a cozy cell with a TV, but in Russia: in the same colony and in the same 2 by 3 meter cell in which he killed Alexei.”

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