It has only five episodes and conquered Netflix’s Top 10: the charming miniseries that you should not miss

It has only five episodes and conquered Netflix’s Top 10: the charming miniseries that you should not miss
It has only five episodes and conquered Netflix’s Top 10: the charming miniseries that you should not miss

“The Cigarette Girl” triumphs on the platform with its moving story set in Indonesia. (Credits: Netflix)

Netflix has enriched its catalog with a miniseries that is capturing the attention of viewers worldwide: it is The cigarette girl (Gadis Kretek). This work, of only five chapters, has quickly climbed the lists of the most viewed productions, demonstrating that deep and exciting narratives do not require extensive seasons to leave a lasting impression.

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“Two souls embark on an epic romance set in 1960s Indonesia, blending tasty spices to create the perfect ‘kretek’ cigarette,” is how the synopsis describes it. The fiction stands out for its intense and moving plot, managing to capture the audience’s attention from its first episode. Set in 1960s Indonesia, the story follows Dasiyah (Dian Sastrowardoyo), a young artisan who challenges traditions in the clove cigarette industry, known as Kretek. His journey is not only professional, but also personal, marked by the discovery of love and self-discovery.

An epic romance in 1960s Indonesia marks the central plot of the successful miniseries. (Credits: Netflix)

Directed by Ifa Isfansyah and Kamila Andini, and written by Tanya Yuson, the miniseries delves into two different moments: the discovery of the secrets of a family business and the last wish of an industry magnate. In this scenario, Dasiyah meets Soeraja (Ario Bayu), whose relationship marks a turning point in her life, prompting her to further challenge established norms.

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Decades later, the story is intertwined with Lebas (Arya Saloka), son of Soeraja, and Arum (Putri Marino), who seek to understand the family history and its secrets. This intergenerational narrative adds rich depth to the plot, exploring the evolution of the characters and the secrets hidden in their past.

The evolution of Indonesian cinema is shown in “Cigarette Girl”, a production that has become a global phenomenon. (Credits: Netflix)

The cast, led by Dian Sastrowardoyo and Ario Bayu, delivers emotional and powerful performances, complemented by a talented group of actors including Putri Marino and Arya Saloka. Their performances bring authenticity and depth to the characters, making them The cigarette girl in a showcase of emerging Indonesian talent in the film industry.

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The cigarette girl is a short production that transcends historical drama to become a story of love, challenge and self-discovery. With its combination of intense storytelling, stellar performances and high-quality production, the series not only highlights the evolution of Indonesian cinema, but also establishes itself as a global phenomenon on the streaming platform. Netflix. It is currently located within the Top 10 worldwide with 8.6 million hours watched.

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