3 reasons why Operación Triunfo 2023 has been the biggest television success of the year despite being on Prime Video

Operation Triunfo 2023 (OT 2023) yesterday faced a double challenge: to win over fans of the format who were disappointed with OT 2020 (for some reason it suffered a loss of audience) and catch all those linear television viewers who do not feel in tune with the format in streaming. Because OT 2023 is issued through Amazon Prime Videolive, but far from the most classic television.

Hours later, it can be said that the premiere of OT 2023 has been as successful as that of OT 2017 despite not having audience data. Nor will we have them in the short term and the victory will be measured in itself Amazon Prime Video whether or not to renew the format. Now, there are 3 reasons why I think that Operation Triunfo 2023 has been a success What linear television would like most in 2023, at the level of the return of Summer Grand Prix.

Social impact: more than 200,000 posts on X

At 00:30 in the morning, more than 200,000 posts related to OT 2023 had been written under the untilg #OTGala0 and #OT2023 on the social network now known as X (Twitter). A figure that is only reached in events like Eurovision, Benidorm Festival or in the first program Grand Prix 2023. Early in the morning, still both untilg They occupied positions 1 and 2 in the ranking of trends in Spain.

There was a desire to OT 2023 and the comments written about the Gala 0 They are a good example of this. More social impact than with OT 2020and very close to the triumph in networks that was OT 2017. Furthermore, many of the contestants were trending topics with their respective names, such as Violet, Paul either Lina.

The success of the 24 Hours Channel on YouTube

When the Gala 0 of OT 2023the signal of the 24 Hour Channel, which lasted just 60 minutes. Before the broadcast began, thousands of people waited impatiently to see the first images of the 16 official contestants of OT 2023 at the Operación Triunfo Academy, reaching a peak of more than 60,000 people around 01:00 in the morning. We Spaniards will be night owls, but a live show like O.T. reaching this figure is a symptom of the triumph that the format has achieved in its first gala in Amazon Prime Video.

A gala with very positive comments, at the level of OT 2017

Thirdly, although it is not a quantitative reflection of the success of the Gala 0 of OT 2023it is appreciated to read very positive comments on the return of the format. Amazon Prime Video has helped O.T. to be revived after few changes for 3 editions, now applauding a much faster pace, a Chenoa who eats up the stage despite her little experience as a presenter and a young and unknown jury who provides the right dose of demand.

OT 2023 It has started in style. It’s a shame that Amazon Prime Video not from official audience data, but I do not rule it out if the victory is real. At least the figures we have of the social impact on social networks and Youtube They are more than positive and predict a long life for the format.

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