Dragon Ball Super – Officially confirmed! The series will continue with more chapters for a long time!

If you are a fan of dragon ball, you may have noticed that we have had a somewhat strange few months. To begin with, the canonical manga series, Dragon Ball Superis telling us the story of a film that was released more than a year ago.

Yes, you read it right, Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro They have been publishing the plot of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero from 2022 in manga format. Fortunately, they have included quite interesting changes with respect to the original feature film, enriching the story much more.

Dragon Ball Dai Budokai is the encyclopedia of Goku video games

The book Dragon Ball Dai Budokai, the full-color encyclopedia of Goku’s video games, is now available! And how precious!

On the other hand, fans have been orphaning canonical anime since 2018, the year in which the series of Dragon Ball Super with its episode 131. However, despite all this, Toriyama’s work is about to be relaunched in style.

And it is no wonder, since in 2024… ¡dragon ball will be a whopping 40 years old! Thus, all the companies in charge of the brand are recharging their batteries to give fans one of the best years in their history. The news is going to come out of our ears!

And we are not only referring to Dragon Ball Daima, the first candy that has been revealed to celebrate this historic anniversary, but also the canonical manga that is in full publication. There were many voices that began to say that we were facing the end of Dragon Ball Superseeing that after the Super Hero saga we couldn’t scratch much more, but…

Nothing is further from reality! Victory Uchida, the official manga editor of Dragon Ball Superhas just confirmed in an interview for Bandai Spirits that the series will continue for a long time! Just below we have captured the exact moment in which the pearlite is released, and if you want to see it with your own eyes, you can visit the video on the official Bandai Spirits channel to see it.

This fact is very important, since it promises us a very hopeful immediate future for Dragon Ball Super, a work that will reach its 100th chapter next December, by the incombustible Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro. Furthermore, the fans are going crazy, because the next chapters are a total unknown, since no one knows what arc they will tackle from now on!

And how do you handle this expectation? What is clear is that, if you are a fan of Goku and his friends, you have many years ahead of you to enjoy your new adventures. ¡Kai, Kai!

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