who won the rating on holiday Monday, with the repercussions of the runoff

who won the rating on holiday Monday, with the repercussions of the runoff
who won the rating on holiday Monday, with the repercussions of the runoff

The runoff passed and an atypical Sunday for Argentine television, in which lThe air channels decreased their audience to the extent that the news signals increased itthe big winners of the election day.

Now, what happened the day after, the holiday Monday, November 20? Did news from politics take over the screen again? or the TV resumed its usual rhythmwith reality shows, soap operas and entertainment programs returning to the top spots?

Looking at the numbers pure and simple, we can say that things returned to their usual path, since the most watched of the day was Got Talent, the Telefe reality show hosted by Lizy Tagliani and entered its final stage: 9.8 rating points put it at the top of the audience.

More normality meets betrayedthe Turkish strip that Telefe also broadcasts, and which ranked second, with 8.9 points.

And the podium was completed by a series of entertainment, The eight steps -driven by Guido Kaczka in eltrece-, which added 7.6 points.

Behind them were the Telefe news programs (Telefe Newswith 7.2; The people’s newswith 7.1), but it should not be attributed directly to the repercussions of the ballot, since They are usually installed in that stripand even higher.

The rest of the cycles that deserve highlighting are Dancing 2023the dance competition that is conducted in America Marcelo Tinelli, which scored 6.8 points; and the eltrece newscast, Telenightwith 6.7.

The “Got Talent” jury, one of the keys to the Telefe cycle.

The other stations

With this screenshot of what was most viewed on Telefe, eltrece and América, it should be noted that blessed -Beto Casella’s always productive program on elnueve- had a very worthy 4.8 points for a holiday. And it was obviously the one with the highest audience on that station.

The other air channels were quite far from these measurements. On Public TV, the most watched cycle was Unequalwith 0.8 points.

Further down were those with the greatest impact on Net TV (Cinema Netwith 0.4) and on Bravo TV (Avenue brazilwith 0.3).

The average of each channel

“The Eight Steps”, Guido Kaczka’s program on eltrece is already fighting for ratings in the top positions. Photo: Lucía Merle

Telefe turned out to be the most watched channel of the day, with a general average of 6.7 points. The second location went to eltrece, with 4.9.

América took third place, with 3.1 points, beating elnueve by nine tenths, with 2.2.

Further down, Public TV was ranked, with a general average of 0.5 points; Net TV, with 0.2; and Bravo TV, with 0.1 points.

Clearly, open television once again aligned itself with the programs that dominate the ratings every day. And what happened on election Sunday will remain like a brick in the wall.

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