Atresmedia celebrates Television Day demanding a more accessible medium

Atresmedia celebrates Television Day demanding a more accessible medium
Atresmedia celebrates Television Day demanding a more accessible medium

Like every November 21, today we celebrate the World Television Daya quote that Atresmedia has not wanted to let it go unnoticed and is taking advantage of it to, based on the title of this date, claim a medium accessible to all. “World means for everyone. Without barriers that prevent us from reaching anyone. All television for all society”, he explains in a statement.

The spots recreate the experience of people with visual or hearing disabilities

With the intention of raising awareness among citizens as a whole about the importance of adapted content, the communication group has created two different spots in which it recreates the experience of the more than two million people in our country who need to resort to the accessibility options from your television to watch television.

The pieces show some of the most notable content from Atresmedia’s offering, such as “El intermedia” on LaSexta or “Pasapalabra” on Antena 3, which are interrupted by different effects, either because the sound volume drops drastically or because the screen suddenly goes dark. With this, the company aims to “equalize” all viewers with the aim of underlining the importance of breaking down barriers in the media and entertainment.

We believe that television should be a meeting place, meeting and understanding between different and equal people, whatever their abilities.“, they say from Atresmedia in the statement. “A reflection of society in all its diversity, and this includes more than one million people in our country with a hearing disability, and a million people who have a visual disability.”.

The group has also pointed out that broadcasts more than 90% of its content subtitled, with about 2,000 hours of audio-described content. According to him, this places it above industry standards in accessibility and reflects the group’s commitment to diversity.

Transferring your message to all points of contact, Atresmedia has shared this initiative with the media through a written statement in which it has deliberately lowered the color contrast of the text, making it difficult to read and requiring greater effort on the part of the reader. Its intention has been for the recipients to imagine these types of barriers in their daily lives.

The pieces can be seen on the communication group’s channels, and on their social media profiles.

Furthermore, Atresmedia has also wanted to claim the character of shared experience that the act of watching television still preserves, despite the growing fragmentation of the audience. For this reason, it is also disseminating a piece on its social channels in which it collects the viewers’ vision regarding the medium.

The initiative takes up the baton of the launch last year also in anticipation of the celebration of World Television Day. On that occasion, Atresmedia opted for claim the role of traditional television “welcoming streaming players to TV.” To do this, he emulated the visual identities of Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and Disney + on a canvas with which he reflected on their commitment to advertising and a turning point in the audiovisual panorama.

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