The new means of communication that was born from a successful La Red program

Image: The Network

Known is the crisis it is going through Network: unpaid salaries, little national production and the predominance of infomercials in its programmatic grid are part of the daily life in the downcast private signal.

In the context of this financial catastrophe, an unexpected situation occurred at the beginning of this month when the account of the social network True Lies was renamed as “The Redistance”, generating surprise among the more than 800 thousand followers of the profile.

In one of the messages posted on the account, followers were asked if they remembered “when there was a television channel that said things by their name”. Well, in the last few days, The intentions of the mysterious X account have been revealed.

Through a video of just over a minute, the administrators of “La Redsistencia” made a brief review of the change that Chilean society has experienced before, during and after the so-called “social explosion.”“, and how La Red covered during the news in that context.

The Redsistencia - The Network
This is what the “La Redsistencia” website currently looks like

“Meanwhile, Chilean television is misinforming and omitting (…) Until a television channel showed reality as Chilean television has never wanted to reveal. A screen for our artists, journalists, philosophers and for those who had never had a voice,” they expressed.

But that’s not all, since the footage also refers to the subsequent crisis that the signal faces to this day: “Power is power and the powerful did not want a television channel like La Red. Then they wanted to buy the channel and when they couldn’t, they bankrupted it”they say.

“Today things are not so different, because we believe in the value of news that talks about the power behind the power, we are back”, They closed.

La Red: What is this new project about?

According to what was investigated by The Filter, “La Redsistencia” would be about a new internet portal where they will be announced news related to politics and power groups in the countryall under the principle of investigating and reporting “the issues that are not on the agenda of the formal media.”

Currently only their social networks are available on Instagram, Tik Tok and of course X, where they have published information regarding the leaked audios of the lawyer Luis Hermosilla, the increase in share prices of national companies after Javier Milei’s triumph in Argentina and the country’s homicide rate, making a criticism of opposition groups to the government of President Gabriel Boric.

Regarding who would be behind the media, it appears both in the National Institute of Intellectual Property (Inapi) as in Nic Chile (site in charge of registering the sites Web in the country) the name of Mauricio Parraformer executive producer of the station who is currently facing, like several of his former colleagues, a legal dispute with La Red for non-payment of salaries and pension and health obligations.

This Portal He tried to contact him to find out more details about the project, however, he was unable to obtain any response.

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