‘OT 2023′ surprises in its first gala: the two expelled, Chenoa’s wink and the networks’ ruling

‘OT 2023′ surprises in its first gala: the two expelled, Chenoa’s wink and the networks’ ruling
‘OT 2023′ surprises in its first gala: the two expelled, Chenoa’s wink and the networks’ ruling

Martín, Violeta and Paul, from ‘OT 2023’. (Prime Video)

OT 2023 It already has its 16 contestants. The very famous musical competition began this Monday, November 20, with a gala 0 loaded with firsts in which it has been demonstrated that the format has no ceiling. Despite initial doubts about whether it could adapt to its new ‘home’, Prime Video, which has turned this format into the first of its kind on its platform, the essence was the same.

The most important thing about this first gala was to know the name of those chosen, since a total of 18 possible candidates came to it, of which two were finally expelled, remaining at the doors of the most famous academy on television. After all of them will perform, some of them achieving a ‘direct pass’ from the director, Noemí Galera, three of them were left at the expense of the jury and the public: Edu, Lina del Sol and Álvaro Mayo.

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Finally, the one chosen to fight for the dream of being a singer was Álvaro, who crossed the catwalk very happily while the other two had to say goodbye and return home. He thus joined Álex Márquez, Paul, Martin, Violeta, Bea, Ruslana, Juanjo, Chiara, Omar, Cris, Denna, Salma, Lucas, Suzette and Naiara.

Lina del Sol, Edu and Chenoa at the ‘OT 2023’ gala 0 / Prime Video

And although the contestants were the protagonists, a good part of the eyes were focused on Chenoa, who had her big debut as a presenter. Aware of this, the Majorcan chose her look carefully and wore a white suit from Laura Bernal with the number 89 embroidered in diamonds, thus making a nod to its own edition. The reason? Number 89 was the one she wore at the casting where Noemí Galera chose her for the first time.

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Beyond her wardrobe, the networks highlighted Chenoa’s nervousness, something that is understandable, since it was her first time. Furthermore, she has also been commented on a lot the speed with which he sent the participants to the couch after their performances, barely leaving them a few seconds to talk to her. In fact, a large number of memes have been made from this aspect that illustrate how the viewers experienced it.

blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”>

Chenoa passing the applicants to the couch because he has 15 minutes left of the program and he doesn’t arrive#OTGala0 pic.twitter.com/PkZsHi18rq

— JOTAROJA (@lajotaroja_) https://twitter.com/lajotaroja_/status/1726725545541484873?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Also surprising was the absence of the post-gala, a part presented by Masi Rodríguez. As it was the first day, it was Noemí Galera who showed them the facilities and explained what was going to happen in the following hours. It was just 20 minutes in which the 16 chosen ones were able to get to know what will be their home in the coming weeks and their new routines.

Although this time was short for many, the truth is that the post-gala itself does not begin until next Monday the 27th, when they will face their first official gala. This Tuesday, however, another of the new sections of this 2023 edition will be released, OT per daya program presented by Xuso Jones from Tuesday to Saturday, starting at 10 p.m., which will review the best of each day.

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