Laura Bozzo is left without support in her most complicated week of ‘GH VIP 8’

Laura Bozzo is left without support in her most complicated week of ‘GH VIP 8’
Laura Bozzo is left without support in her most complicated week of ‘GH VIP 8’

In the house of ‘GH VIP 8’ there is no day that is the same as the previous one. Every day new plots emerge that make each contestant decide to stay in one group or another because groups exist and the house is very divided. Laura Bozzo (72 years old) is going through one of her worst moments since she decided to enter the contest and on top of that is running out of that support that he already had due to the attitudes and comments he has had towards the members of his famous orange team.

One of the teams that was clearly in Guadalix de la Sierra’s house is the orange one, the one that was named this way because of the color of the room in which said members lived. With the disciplinary expulsion of Álex Caniggia and the arrival of Naomi Asensi, everything seemed to continue the line set by the Argentine, since Laura and Carmen Alcayde were inseparable and had become strong abroad by getting rid of each and every one of the nominations which they faced.

Carmen Alcayde and Naomi Asensi are saved from expulsion from ‘GH VIP 8’

The latest nominations have been very different, since it was what the organization was looking for to avoid the strategies that the participants had tried to do. In fact, everyone was nominated, with the exception of the refished ones that could not enter the list as the selection process had not been completed. Furthermore, Zeus gained the power of exchange and decided to free his friend Jessica Bueno from the nomination.

That said, the orange team was fully nominated. However, last Sunday the first rescues of the week occurred. The first to know the audience’s decision was Carmen, who was followed by the ‘Temptation Island’ contestant. The two were happy to have been freed but her great friend Laura did not seem to have the same feeling, in addition to claiming at all times that she would be the next one to be expelled.

Laura Bozzo is not happy about the salvation of her friends in ‘GH VIP 8’

The Peruvian presenter spent half the night trying to convince everyone that she would be expelled on Thursday. Furthermore, she even told the debate presenter that her motives were fueled by her own theory, in which all of Jessica’s followers would vote en masse against her to get her out of the way, speaking figuratively, since she is her biggest enemy. in the contest and Bozzo considers her the winner.

In fact, when Laura’s two friends already knew about the hearing’s decision, they reproach her for not having shown even the slightest joy for them. “I knew perfectly well that you were going to be saved,” she began by saying. “They saved themselves at the cost of stabbing me”he continued to the astonishment of the saved ones who could not believe the selfishness of their partner and friend.

Laura Bozzo is left without support in ‘GH VIP 8’

The two rescuers have analyzed the Peruvian’s reactions in detail, something they have talked about during their stay at the house. “Laura is the typical friend who wants you to do well but not better than her. So those types of friends don’t suit me. I’m reaching the limits of my patience…”Naomi confessed. In fact, the Valencian and Laura have had their ups and downs since the former arrived in the group.

For this reason, Alcayde reminded his partner that perhaps they would have to take stock of their relationship with Bozzo. “It’s worth it to you and maybe not to me”, Naomi responded quickly under the attentive gaze of Carmen who did not want to believe what was happening. That is why they both want to be cautious when it comes to her partner, despite still being part of what they call the team.

However, Laura is used to saving herself at the first opportunity. of the nomination, as he has been doing for much of the contest. Perhaps it is one of the reasons that makes him more irascible with her colleagues. In any case, it is a very complicated week for her and the fact of being left without her two great supports is also taking its toll on her.

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