Yo Me Llamo: Three of four impersonators are sent to Elimination Night

Yo Me Llamo: Three of four impersonators are sent to Elimination Night
Yo Me Llamo: Three of four impersonators are sent to Elimination Night

Once again the Yo Me Llamo juries
are faced with the tough decision of choose three of four participants so that they can perform again on the Elimination Night, because even though they consider that not everyone should walk the tightrope, this is part of the rules of the musical contest.

This means that in this round Sinfoni is not in charge of determining who was the sharpest participantso experts have to analyze all the shows even better.
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The jury’s decision reveals that the imitators of: Ryan Castro,Vicente Fernández and Shakira are the ones who must fight on Elimination Night to ensure their permanence.

This directly causes twice as many Gilberto Santa Rosa is ‘The Best of the Night’ and have the opportunity to choose one of the busts, so without hesitation and after what you experienced after its presentation, take the one of your favorite artist. When he opens it, he discovers that the prize this time is five million pesos.

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  • Who have been the previous winners of Yo Me Llamo?

Since the release of Yo Me Llamo in 2011, Colombia has proven that perfect doubles do exist. They have been the winners of all their seasons: Yo Me Llamo Rafael Orozco (Jorge Martínez) in 2011; Yo Me Llamo José José (Brayan Álvarez) in 2012; Yo Me Llamo Vicente Fernández (Deibys Pino) ​​and Yo Me Llamo Sandro de América (Daniel Mora) in 2014; Yo Me Llamo José José (Brayan Álvarez) in 2015; Yo Me Llamo Nicky Jam (David Alsina) in 2017; Yo Me Llamo Julio Jaramillo (Robinson Silva) in 2018; Yo Me Llamo Roberto Carlos (Albert Sánchez) in 2019; My Name is Camilo Sesto (Alejandro León) in 2022.

  • Can I read exclusive interviews with the participants, the juries and the production team of Yo Me Llamo?

At www.caracoltv.com/yo-me-llamo/exclusivos-web you will find exclusive content from the participants, the jurors César Escola, Amparo Grisales, Pipe Bueno, presenters Melina Ramírez and Carlos Calero, behind the scenes and other details that are not disclosed. come on screen. Don’t miss them!
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  • Who is the current winner of Yo Me Llamo?

Alejandro León is the real name of who, since the night of March 7, 2022, became the new winner of the program Yo Me Llamo and established himself as the best imitator in the country thanks to his interpretation of Camilo Sesto.

  • How many juries evaluate the presentations in the Yo Me Llamo program?

Colombian diva Amparo Grisales, maestro César Escola, and one of the most renowned popular music singers, Pipe Bueno, are ready to start a new season of the musical imitation contest most loved by Colombians: Yo Me Llamo. Learn more: Yo Me Llamo Miguel Bosé cries when communicating with his sick father before the show

  • How can I receive updates and news from the Yo Me Llamo program?

Through our WhatsApp channel https://www.whatsapp.com/channel/0029Va57FfmFcovyhRTtVE2i you can find out about all the news, news and updates from Yo Me Llamo. Also through the official website of the production https://www.caracoltv.com/yo-me-llamo

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