Hans gives his reasons for not getting together with Rubén from ‘Big Brother’ – Publimetro Chile

Hans gives his reasons for not getting together with Rubén from ‘Big Brother’ – Publimetro Chile
Hans gives his reasons for not getting together with Rubén from ‘Big Brother’ – Publimetro Chile

November 21, 2023 at 3:52 p.m.

Hans Valdes finally arrived in Chile after an eventful return that prevented him from being in our country after being eliminated from Big Brother.

For this reason, it barely reached national soil, Advertising meter He was able to talk with him and ask him various topics about the house-studio that he recently left. Among these questions, we asked him what it was like for him what happened with Ruben Gutierrezthe former reality show participant who abruptly left the reality show after being accused of sexual harassment by Scarlette Galvez.

About, the young man was more than sincereensuring that the former police officer could not really even say goodbye, for the same reason he knows little about what really happened.

“Ruben’s case was very complicated within the Big Brother house, even what happened was very uncomfortable. We knew that production took care of that.”the young man from Constitución began commenting.

Although it was evident that he could not talk much about the subject, Hans remembered that “There were two versions and we don’t know what really happened, we know the same thing that was known outside. “I can’t say if this happened.”

It was there that we asked him if he could speak to him when Scarlette’s complaint occurred, but Hans replied that “No, because when what happened happened, they (the production) took it out, so you didn’t know anything.”

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Do you want to get together with Rubén?

We just found out that Mrs. Monica Ramos He met up with Rubén outside the confinement. That’s why she received several criticisms on social media, but she says she believes her version, which denies the harassment accusations.

In fact, Hans was also one of her closest people within the house-studio and we wanted to know if he would follow in the footsteps of his friend, Mrs. Monica.

“I think that when things calm down more, what happened will be clarified,” he launched at the outset without ruling out a future meeting with Gutiérrez.

– Do you prefer him to give his version first?

– Yeah.

– But now he got together with Mrs. Monica…

– I prefer to be calmer, to have things sorted out, the young man insisted when faced with our questions.

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