Ximena Díaz, Natalia in “Dad in trouble”: her insecurities, successes, failures and her love story with the veterinarian Pancho Cavero | TVMAS

Ximena Díaz, Natalia in “Dad in trouble”: her insecurities, successes, failures and her love story with the veterinarian Pancho Cavero | TVMAS
Ximena Díaz, Natalia in “Dad in trouble”: her insecurities, successes, failures and her love story with the veterinarian Pancho Cavero | TVMAS

Since she was a child she wanted to be an actress, but – contrary to her vocation – when she finished school, Ximena Diaz (Lima, 1978) studied business administration, a career that he never pursued, because when he turned 23, after seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones showing her most provocative side in the Oscar-winning film “Chicago” (2002), he decided to enroll in the acting workshop by Roberto Ángeles. Since then she has played different characters. Today, we see her giving life to the interested, opportunistic and, at the same time, fun, Natalia Rodríguez in the Latina soap opera, “Dad in trouble”.

I always loved dancing and acting, but at 13 I started to have a fear of the stage. I was shaking. When it was my turn to show up, I made up things to avoid going out. I was afraid that they would tell me that I am no good. That’s why I took another direction, I studied something else, I abandoned my dreams; but it wasn’t for long. After watching “Chicago,” the movie, I had a conversation with myself. I decided to put aside my fears and began to trust in what I could achieve.”says the actress.

Ximena Díaz studied business administration before acting. (Photo: Hugo Pérez)

In 2003, he made his official acting debut in “La mujer de Lorenzo”, a co-production of the Venezuelan Venevisión and the Peruvian Iguana Producciones. Two decades have passed since Díaz Muñoz faced her fears and was finally able to embrace those dreams that she left behind for several years.

After playing ‘Mimi’ Zambrano I sought to play other characters that really challenged me. Since I love cumbia and dancing, I did casting for ‘Las vírgenes de la cumbia’ (fiction that starred Carolina Infante, Maricarmen Marín, Tula Rodríguez, Marisela Puicón). They didn’t choose me. It was frustrating because I wanted to be in that production so much. Michelle Alexander was the producer. I already told him to do ‘Las aunts de la cumbia’ to vindicate myself”the actress jokes.

Ximena was beginning to write the first lines of her acting life in Peru, when she decided to turn the page to start a new chapter in Argentina, a country in which she quickly stood out. She joined the cast of “Malparida” and hosted a program on the Utilísima channel. However, even though she was doing well, she decided to return.

I lost several years. I left at 26 and returned at 34. Actresses my age already had a name for themselves. I was practically a stranger. It was hard. I shed many tears. You have to like this career too much to put up with so many rejections at castings. Now that I see materialized what I looked for and waited for so long, I feel that it was all worth it.”, he highlights.

Díaz was part of Peruvian productions such as: “La Tayson, rebel heart”, “Pensión Soto”, “At the bottom there is room”, “Maricucha”, among others. Currently, in “Dad in Trouble” she plays Natalia, a character hated and loved at the same time.

“She is an antagonist who has a special duality. Many find it hard to hate her because she is funny. Sometimes it’s heavy, but it also makes you laugh with it. And I love it that way. She found in Martín Seminario (Juan Carlos Rey de Castro) a solution to her financial problems, but she also likes him, she really, deeply fell in love. She is a charming character. There are those who say that I’m big and I don’t have the physique, but I like what I see on television. That is the most important thing,” she emphasizes.

Ximena Díaz Díaz was part of Peruvian productions such as: “La Tayson, Corazón Rebel”, “Pensión Soto”, “Al Fondo Hay Sitio”, “Maricucha”, among others. (Photo: Hugo Pérez)

real love

The true love in Ximena Díaz’s life is the famous veterinarian ‘Pancho’ Cavero. The couple has two children, Joaquín (5) and Isamar (3). They have been in a relationship for six years and plan to get married soon.

Together we are almost Joaquín’s age. Ours was fast, atypical. We went to live together leaving the clinic, with my son in our arms. But we knew how to find the way. And that’s very nice“says the actress after remembering the day she met the love of her life.

The first time I saw him was at his veterinarian, when I took my dog, Cora, to get her checked because she was sick. I thought it was very nice. She has a beautiful smile. She fell in love with me, but I was somewhere else, I lived outside. Five years later, I returned with another dog. At that time, we were both alone. We started seeing each other, writing to each other. It’s a nice story. This year, on Mother’s Day, she asked for my hand. My oldest son was complicit in the surprise. He didn’t expect it”, he asserts.

“My head has been organized since I became a mother. Things began to come and dreams to come true”, he emphasizes.

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