“May there be more meetings like these”

“May there be more meetings like these”
“May there be more meetings like these”

After having enjoyed a moment together, Tahimí Alvariño and Rebecca Martinez Beautiful messages of affection were dedicated through social networks.

After having coincided in the celebration for the eighth anniversary of Flores Boutique, Alvariño shared on Instagram a photo where he poses with Rebeca, both divine and smiling.

“How nice to be able to share with you, dear Rebeca Martínez, you are a being of light and everything you radiate is pure love. May there be more encounters like these,” Coralita Veloz’s daughter wrote alongside the snapshot.

“This photo with you is a wonderful gift. And yes, may more encounters like this come to infect us with your spontaneous smile that invites us to see life with hope and love,” Rebeca reacted.

On her own account, the Cuban star had shown more images of the event, which other well-known artists attended.

“Look how many artists joined this celebration and there are more to show,” he wrote in his post, where he also referred to her new hair color.

“Now I ask my online family, those of us who have accumulated youth, doesn’t this shade of hair remind you of those dolls called Loretas?” she added in the post that closed with her usual motivating words and good wishes for her friends. followers.

Before this new photo to remember, Tahimí Alvariño had celebrated meeting María Isabel Díaz Lago and Libia Batista.

“Beautiful women in my life, the beauty of encounters. Long live love and you who are great, how lucky to have you,” he said on that occasion.

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