Marcos Ginocchio celebrated his dog Morita’s birthday with an impressive cake: the photos

Marcos Ginocchio celebrated his dog Morita’s birthday with an impressive cake: the photos
Marcos Ginocchio celebrated his dog Morita’s birthday with an impressive cake: the photos

Morita, Marcos Ginocchio’s dogcelebrated his first year and everything is joy in the family of the champion of Big Brother 2022. Although he is now in Mexico for work, his mother was in charge of celebrating the birthday of Argentina’s most popular pet. Through social networks, Carola Moraiz showed the impressive cake with which her four-legged granddaughter will celebrate this special day.

The woman also received great attention from the employees of the place where they went: they made her a coffee with a drawing of dogs and the number 1. There is no doubt that all of Salta is in love with the animal, who became popular with her brother Caramelo in the latest edition of the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro.

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Morita is very well behaved and loves to play with her cat brothers, who sleep with her when it’s cold. She is also a regular customer of a popular veterinarian and goes quite often to elaborate the fur, which is quite rebellious.

Morita Ginocchio turned one year old. (Photo: instagram/moraizcara)

Morita Ginocchio debuted as a model and dazzled with her performance

Moritathe bitch that Marcos Ginocchio adopted in the house of Big Brother, He became a celebrity in Salta. In mid-September debuted as a model and his performance surprised everyone. She paraded in a canchero dress, danced and asked for snacks as prizes. The pet shop that “hired” her was fascinated with the result and there is no doubt that they will call her again in the future, since she is a star on the networks.

Weeks before, the champion’s mascot was on vacation in Buenos Aires, where he traveled to celebrate his aunt Valentina’s birthday. He endured the two-hour flight very well and upon landing he embraced the young woman, with whom he became attached on the reality show.

The mascot won the hearts of Argentines.

“What a beautiful family”, “Incredible how Morita grew up”, “It’s a shame that Caramelo left with Romina Uhrig”, “You can see all the love they give to the dog”, were some of the reactions of Primo’s followers. upon seeing the new “work” of the animal, which conquered many hearts.

The day Marcos Ginocchio returned to Salta with Morita after having won Big Brother. (Photo: Telefe capture)

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