the real meaning of Roi’s (Julio Peña) mysterious tattoo in the Netflix series

After farewell ‘The Money Heist’ there was a desire to go and ‘Berlin’, the ‘spin-off’ of the aforementioned, has given us it as a great culmination to close the year. Throughout the eight episodes of this first season, we have followed without blinking all the great steps of the character played by Pedro Alonso and his band formed by Keila (Michelle Jenner), Joel Sánchez (Bruce), Tristán Ulloa (Damián), Cameron (Begoña Vargas) and Roi (Julio Peña).

The latter is possibly the most puzzling character. When the plot begins, it is clear that Roi did not have an easy past, but we do not know all the details until we reach the last two chapters. He and Cameron put the mission in danger and, in fact, they are to blame for the police being alert, thanks to two robot portraits and a curious tattoo that the young man has on one of his hands.

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There is a moment of great intimacy between Cameron and Roi in which she asks him why he always carries a mitten on his hand and he opens up about the drama he experienced in his childhood. His father always blamed him for the death of his mother in childbirth and her way of punishing him was by putting out cigarettes on his knuckles. After leaving that hell, he ended up in a reform school until he met Berlin, his savior and teacher.


It was Berlin that suggested he get that tattoo in the shape of a goat’s head, which is driving the French police and agents Murillo and Sierra into disbelief. His mentor told him one day that they both had the devil inside (the goat identifies with the devil) and that every time he was tempted to do something wrong, he should look at it. And this is its meaning.

Now that we know in detail the heavy backpack that Roi carries on his back, we understand him and connect with him better. The only thing we wish is for Netflix to confirm this long-awaited second installment to see how he manages his love relationship with his robbery partner.

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