Murder of Hernán Roberto Franco: what are the 3 hypotheses used about the crime?

Murder of Hernán Roberto Franco: what are the 3 hypotheses used about the crime?
Murder of Hernán Roberto Franco: what are the 3 hypotheses used about the crime?

The authorities continue investigating to find the whereabouts of the hitman who murdered Hernan Roberto Franco in an office next to Parque de la 93, north of Bogotá. There are three hypotheses behind this crime.

Hypothesis behind the crime of Hernán Roberto Franco in Parque de la 93

Two of them are related to his profession. The auditor would have found accounting records with irregularities and he was going to report this at a meeting that he had scheduled for February 21, the day he was murdered.

The third hypothesis would be an inheritance dispute. The members of a family would have hired the professional services of the auditor.

So far, the capture of Jean Carlo Bermúdez has been legalized, accused of being the co-author of the murder of the auditor and who apparently was driving the motorcycle on which the hitman who shot Hernán Roberto Franco was initially going to escape.

Bermúdez was charged with the crimes of aggravated homicide in a heterogeneous contest with carrying weapons and receiving, charges that he did not accept.

Leonor Merchán, sectional director of the Bogotá Prosecutor’s Office, told Noticias Caracol that Hernán Roberto Franco had not reported any type of threat against him.

Tour taken by the hitman from Parque de la 93 after kidnapping a motorcyclist

On the other hand, the route followed by the hitman who, after shooting the auditor three times and trying to flee on the motorcycle of what would be his accomplice, Jean Carlos Bermúdez, threatened another driver who was passing through this area of ​​Parque de la 93 was known. and made him leave the scene.

On that motorcycle, the hitman fled down 94th Street, heading to a specific point in the town of Suba.

After leaving the hitman there, the motorcyclist who was threatened returned to Parque de la 93 and informed the authorities of the situation. His testimony, as well as that of a bodyguard who shot Jean Carlo Bermúdez, are key to the investigations of the case.

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