Red Queen (2024) review – engages and entertains, but does not fall in love. Vicky Luengo and Hovik Keuchkerian shine in the long-awaited Amazon Prime Video series

Red Queen (2024) review – engages and entertains, but does not fall in love. Vicky Luengo and Hovik Keuchkerian shine in the long-awaited Amazon Prime Video series
Red Queen (2024) review – engages and entertains, but does not fall in love. Vicky Luengo and Hovik Keuchkerian shine in the long-awaited Amazon Prime Video series

‘Red Queen’ is for Amazon Prime Video what ‘The Snow Girl’ is for Netflix

‘Red Queen’ is the great hope of Amazon Prime Video in Spain for 2024. Based on the popular book by Juan Gómez-Juradofrom the first moment it was clear that this was a very special project for the platform and that it was destined to become little less than a punch on the table.

With the clear objective of trying to reach the largest possible audience, ‘Red Queen’ is a series with the vocation of a television blockbuster. In its own way, it represents for Prime Video something similar to what ‘The Snow Girl’ was for Netflix last year, even coinciding that each of them has 7 episodes. Having enjoyed both -although neither of them has completely enthused me-, I think that ‘Red Queen’ is better.

The protagonists above the mystery

One thing that I am quite clear about is that ‘Red Queen’ is the television equivalent of a gourmet hamburger. It’s not the best food in the world and there are many variants with more or less similar ingredients, but that’s something you don’t care about when you find one that’s really worth it. In my personal case, I don’t think we are facing one of those cases, but I am clear that it is going to feel like a delicacy for a large sector of the public.

At the bottom of its heart, ‘Red Queen’ is still another story in which An unlikely duo investigates an extraordinary case, but the most curious thing is that this mystery ends up being the least interesting part of the show. And the initial game that it proposes is indeed engaging, but then it loses steam as everything becomes clearer.

That could have been a death wound for other similar productions, but ‘Red Queen’ manages to overcome it, especially because of how well chosen they are. Vicky Luengo and Hovik Keuchkerian for the roles of Antonia Scott and Jon Gutiérrez. Both shine separately, tackling personalities that are out of the ordinary, something more evident in her case but also undeniable with him, and they also show an enviable chemistry whenever they share the scene.

From that side also comes one of the main strengths of the series, and that is that it has a very particular gallery of characters without simply limiting themselves to embracing its most eccentric component. And in the same way that he pointed out at a general level that the series seeks to be as accessible as possible, it must also be recognized that when it comes to the most prominent characters he makes very specific decisions about what he wants each of them to contribute to the story. series.

We have a good example of this with Antonia’s boss played by Alex Brendemuhl, who opts for an interpretation that shocked me every time he made an appearance. In no case is it that he does it badly, but being quite familiar with his career – he is an actor that I quite like since I saw ‘The Hours of the Day’ – there is an element of bewilderment that in its own way helps to settle the ambiguity. of the character, leading you to doubt at all times about what his true intentions are.

Of course, this particularization has more scope with its two protagonists, with Antonia’s past being key to understanding who she is today. There, the formula of reflecting in images the mental damage that it carries, something that could very easily have fallen into ridicule and that when push comes to shove captures quite well the suffering that it suffers in extreme situations, draws attention.

For this reason, ‘Red Queen’ is a series that at all times leaves you wanting to see how the investigation that its two protagonists carry out progresses, also integrating somewhat more traditional details such as everything related to Jon’s amatxu. All of this is also accompanied by a great deployment of media and a notable work of staging of Koldo Serraespecially during the action scenes.

The weak point of ‘Red Queen’

However, just as there are ingredients that can ruin a great burger, there are aspects of a series that can greatly reduce its overall interest. And in the case of ‘Red Queen’ I return to what I mentioned about the need to clarify the mystery, this is where a certain lack of naturalness in the dialogues is also noted. That’s something the series seems to want to play with often and it’s not usually a bother, but in this case it does backfire a bit.

It is true that you never lose that component, a bit of a mental game, but there comes a point where you always focused on everything related to the drama of the kidnapped woman played by Celia Freijeirothe series happened to give me a bit of the same.

And that is not due to a question of intensity or poor work by the actors, but That’s where ‘Red Queen’ feels more mundane. Yes, it is something that tries to get more complicated, even in the resolution of this first season, but it ends up decompensating everything. Mind you, I basically devoured all seven episodes of the series, but I went from being very hooked at the beginning to ending it with the idea that I expected more than what they had just given me.

It may be like those times when you eat a lot of chips and end up stuffed because you have lost control when you should have consumed them in more moderation, but the feeling I have is that there is something in the base of ‘Red Queen’ that limits how far it can go. That doesn’t mean I’m delighted at the possibility of seeing Antonia and Jon investigating together again, but hopefully the next mystery will be more satisfying.

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