The ending of ‘Red Queen’, explained: Who is Mr. White?

Red Queen has finally landed on Amazon Prime Video. The successful best-selling novel by Juan Gómez-Jurado It has been made into a series by the streaming platform with seven episodes that tell the entire story of the book. The adventure of Anthony Scott and Jon Gutierrez It arrived in the midst of great expectation given the readers’ affection for the source material. And so far, the reception has generally been downright positive.

Among the highlights is the chemistry between Victoria Luengo and Hovik Keuchkerian as Antonia and Jonthe protagonists of Red Queen. But, without a doubt, what the definitive boom has meant is its end. Throughout the episodes, the police investigated a series of murders and kidnappings. All of them carried out by a mysterious person who called himself Ezequiel. As the series progresses, it is discovered that the person under the identity of this villain was actually two people.

On one hand there was Nicolas Fajardo (Nacho Fresneda), a police officer who was believed to have died. The second half of Ezequiel was Sandra (Andrea Trepat), the daughter of Fajardo and that, in theory, he had also died. Together they have kidnapped Carla Ortiz and, in the final episode, the son of Antonia. The plan of these sadistic murderers is to make the children pay for the sin of their parents. A revenge against the most powerful people so that they learn what it is to lose.

Fortunately, Antonia and Jon They manage to find them in the underground of Madrid. After avoiding a few bombs, they find the secret base. Jonwith the help of Carlais facing Fajardo, who ends up dying. For its part, Antonia manages to master his stress and set the final trap for Sandra when she seemed to have the situation under control. The protagonist of Red Queen He lures the villainess into one of his own bombs, causing the ceiling to collapse on top of her. The series seemed to have a very archetypal ending, but then comes the final twist.

Behind the threads in Red Queen

Antonia She returns to her apartment, recovered and once again with vital goals ahead of her thanks to the close relationship she has formed with Jon. He stops by to visit her and that’s when he reveals one last truth that she had not anticipated. Police have opened the grave where the body of Sandra. There they found a body and, when analyzing the DNA, it did match the daughter of Fajardo. Therefore, the fearsome antagonist of Red Queen was actually someone posing as Sandra.

Antonia He panics again and starts thinking and connecting the dots. That mysterious woman had gone to the psychiatric hospital where Fajardo was being treated. There, he convinced her that she was his daughter, as if she had returned from the dead. And from there, he began to weave the evil plan of him to play with Scott. But no, there is something more than Antonia has yet to discover. That fake Sandra She was smart, but not smart enough to have designed such a complex and perfect plan. Suddenly, he finds the solution.

Glimpsing the map of Madrid in his head, he connects the key points of the case. What is formed is a perfect W. “Someone wanted to get me out of my hole. They wanted me to believe that it was revenge against the powerful. It wasn’t even the pleasure of killing. Nor was it the pleasure of torturing an already tortured soul. It was about playing,” reflects the Queen. Red. “We are puppets in her game,” she says too. Jon He then asks who he is talking about. “I told you. He calls himself Mr White“she finally reveals.

Red QueenRed Queen

Who is Mr. White?

The series of Red Queen It ends with that unexpected cliffhanger. Mr White He had previously been named the most intelligent man in the world. A very dangerous guy with an unknown identity who tried to end the life of Antonia. Instead of getting it, he left her partner in a coma from which it seems she will never be able to get out. A fact that plunged Scott in madness and the most absolute isolation. Thanks to the case of Ezequiel, the police seemed to have managed to get out of that hole. But the final revelation completely changes the scenario again.

It turns out that Mr White has been the one who has drawn up in detail that convoluted plan to play with Antonia. She wanted to get the protagonist’s attention again and now she has achieved it. The chess game between the two has only just begun, but he has a clear advantage. So that viewers can discover how the story continues, Amazon Prime Video will have to renew Red Queen for a second season. That is, the company must give the green light to Black Wolf, the second novel in the trilogy. Something that is still up in the air, although it is expected to happen soon.

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