Ana Karina Soto and Culotauro had friction in Buen día, Colombia by Diana Ángel

Ana Karina Soto and Culotauro had friction in Buen día, Colombia by Diana Ángel
Ana Karina Soto and Culotauro had friction in Buen día, Colombia by Diana Ángel
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Apr 1, 2024 – 4:27 pm

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This Sunday, March 31, it was learned that the new one eliminated from ‘The house of the famousIt was ‘Culotauro’, who was the participant who received the least support from viewers.

The comedian He became the seventh celebrity to say goodbye to the competition and, as usual, This Monday he was in some media outlets talking about his experience in reality.

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In ‘Good morning, Colombia’, Camilo Díaz (name of the comedian) and the presenter Ana Karina Soto had a friction in the middle of the interview and even ended up talking loudly to each other. The situation was triggered by a question that Soto asked about Diana Ángel, who had an affair with the young man inside the house.

“There is the image where you ran her face, the image where Diana made you a dessert that you left lying around, there are many comments regarding your behavior with Diana. “So, how do you explain those ungentlemanly behaviors in front of Diana, if you are supposedly taking care of Diana?” said Ana Karina.

When asked, ‘Culotauro’ felt attacked and He said that the “ungentlemanly” expression Soto used was as if he was being singled out, and proceeded to explain what really happened to him. Diana Ángel within the program.

The comedian, who has appeared in ‘With the intention of offending’, revealed that he had a talk with Diana and told her that he didn’t want to hurt what they were feeling due to the pressure of the competition, and that I preferred them to just be friends and they will distance themselves.

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In addition, he reminded the presenter that if she had missed that talk, He could see it on Vix, to which Soto stressed that the presenters of ‘Buen día, Colombia’ always watch the broadcasts and are aware of what is happening in the program.

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Likewise, the comedian revealed that he accepts that He had attitudes that he is not proud of, because he acted immaturely and even overlooked Diana’s details. for keeping an eye on other things in the competition.

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