Furia and Catalina surprised with a sincere talk after their estrangement

Furia and Catalina surprised with a sincere talk after their estrangement
Furia and Catalina surprised with a sincere talk after their estrangement

At first, the coach refused to answer, since she was getting dressed and was not wearing the microphone. However once she was ready she answered: “Why do you want to make me fight with Mauro? I don’t understand why you put the kid in the middle.”

He then invited the pediatrician to have a serious talk and said: “If you want, sit down and talk because it can’t be done that way. We’re going to do it like this, you speak first and I speak later because otherwise it’s a mess.”

“Look, I’m just saying this, I came here and I still love you,” Catalina expressed and then the transmission was cut off, so the fans were left with the uncertainty of what had happened. ¿Will there finally be a truce?

Florencia’s brutal sincericide to Mauro against Fury in Big Brother: “He is denigrating you”

The participant of Big Brother, Florencia Regidor, took advantage of that Juliana ‘Furia’ Scaglione is in the eye of the storm and ‘put chips’ into Mauro D’Alessio against his girl.

In the garden, Florencia commented to the young man: “Yes, he told me that you were a phallus. It is not good”. “There are things, for example, that I still don’t understand, like, from the outside, how or come in here,” Mauro responded.

“If I say something like that, I’m very upset, I’m leaving like this” Fury’s love interest mused and snapped his fingers. “Yes, but you know they don’t pass what she says to me. Because she can’t be”Flor said about Telefe’s production.

“And that you had a dick, the boy also said it”, the blonde shot sharply. “Well, yes, what do you want me to do? I can not do anything”, He responded without making much drama. Okay, but what does that do to you for? I mean, you do what you want, but it’s denigrating you, b…” added the player.

“All this is useful to her, you understand. The only one who wins from all this is her. Because she goes around saying outside that she is alone, that no one shares her; Didn’t she see that she’s all the time saying that we’re selfish? You, later, want to give her an egg or something, and she tells you that she doesn’t.” Mauro said.

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