This is what actress Viviana Rodríguez looks like today

This is what actress Viviana Rodríguez looks like today
This is what actress Viviana Rodríguez looks like today

In 2017, the television series “Hidden Truths” began, where actress Viviana Rodríguez participated, playing the villain. Maria Luisawho despite his misdeeds, evolved and managed to be loved by the public.

A role that she performed until 2021, just before the time jump that the television series took, for which she was replaced by actress Cecilia Cuccurella.


Despite his departure from fiction, his interpretation stole the hearts of the fans of “Hidden Truths”, who still remember the “hey”, his character’s catchphrase.

Viviana Rodríguez’s career

Viviana Rodriguez began her acting career in 1993, when she arrived on national screens at just 23 years old to play her first role as Antonia Alzavía, in the Canal 13 soap opera called “Double game“. Said character was in a vegetative state in a wheelchair.

Her second role in soap operas was also playing the daughter of the protagonists, this time it was “Top Secret” which was released in mid-1994. Here Viviana gave life to Trinidad Mena, one of the daughters of Congressman Santiago (Cristian Campos).

In the next 20 years of her career, Viviana participated in soap operas on Channel 13, TVN and Mega, where she increasingly gained the affection of the public who began to follow her from fiction to fiction, from “Sucupira” as Sofía Montero, in 1996, until “Messrs. Daddies”in 2016, giving life to Blanca Harris.

Other soap operas that transcended Chilean television, and where Viviana participated, were the police drama “Come early“(2014) and romantic comedy”Witches” (2005), which brought together great female TV figures such as Carolina Arregui, Maria Elena Swett, Ingrid Cruz, Antonella Rios and Lorena Capetillo.

An important and inevitable character in Viviana’s repertoire was that of Consuelo Valdés, in 2003, in the television series “Males”.

Viviana in the cinema

Between 2004 and 2017, Rodríguez also worked in six Chilean films playing the role of Gloria in “Decent people“, to Carola Fisher in “Unfaithful Women“, to Amalia in “Instructions for my funeral“, to Ramira in “Gun Shy“and Amira in”Talion“.

Viviana Rodríguez today

After finishing her time on “Hidden Truths”, Viviana made the decision to leave Chile to settle in the United States with her daughter, Ágata.

The latter, in 2023, graduated from a school in Miami specialized in artistic education for adolescents. The young woman, following in her mother’s footsteps, graduated with a degree in Theater.

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