Lara Ferreiro, expert psychologist in couples, analyzes the pros and cons of Mario and Claudia in ‘Survivors 2024’

Lara Ferreiro, expert psychologist in couples, analyzes the pros and cons of Mario and Claudia in ‘Survivors 2024’
Lara Ferreiro, expert psychologist in couples, analyzes the pros and cons of Mario and Claudia in ‘Survivors 2024’

It is not the first time that a couple is part of the cast of contestants on the same program. In ‘Survivors 2024’ Mario González (30 years old) and Claudia Martínez (27 years old) a priori have an advantage over the rest, since they have a person to lean on in these complicated moments of coexistence that they face. Furthermore, they have also shown themselves to be a support for each other in this tough nomination, in which Either of them can say goodbye to reality Definitively.

Lara Ferreiro, psychologist and author of the book ‘Addicted to an Asshole’, wanted to speak with to reveal to what extent this is true. For this reason, she has revealed everything that the couple has in their favor but also against them. In addition, she has also told us about the toxic loop in which they find themselves, as well as the complicated emotional setback which they have had to face in the early days of their relationship, since she had a partner who was one of his best friends.

The emotional setback of Mario González and Claudia Martínez

It must be remembered that the couple met on another television program. They both participated in ‘Temptation Island’ but they did not go there as a couple. Claudia arrived with the idea of ​​strengthening her relationship with Javi Redondo, her boyfriend at the time. In fact, the two left the program together but upon discovering several of his lies, the now survivor decided to break up their relationship in a devastating manner.

The curious thing about all this is that Mario was also part of that edition, in his case with his girlfriend Laura Casabela. They finished the reality show separately, even though she tried to get them to leave together. However, he stated that they did not love each other well and the best thing was to each follow his side. In fact, in that program we were able to experience the great friendship that Mario and Javi forged, which was the great support of Claudia’s boyfriend in his worst moments on the island.

The psychologist wanted to analyze these details, since this betrayal between friends “could have caused some emotional setback at the beginning of their relationship.” In fact, Ferreiro highlights that the betrayal that Javi felt came more from his friend than from his partner, since that “code of men that They don’t hook up with exes, No one has skipped it, so he is very hurt.” In fact, according to Lara this can generate a lot of conflict in the relationship.

These conflicts are mainly determined by two aspects. The first of them is related to the mistrust that this fact can generate. “In the end, how do you trust Mario? he has betrayed his friend and he gets involved with his friend’s ex,” the couples expert reveals about the feelings that Claudia could have. On the other hand, it would involve many social but also emotional conflicts for her to be able to face it.

The pros and cons of Mario González and Claudia Martínez in ‘Survivors 2024’

One of the most criticized details of the couple’s time in Honduras by the vast majority of their companions is the advantage they have over others. It is true that when it comes to nominating they could agree, in addition to knowing that they are never going to nominate the other. Also with food rewards, in which they will choose their partner over any other participant. But not everything is an advantage for them, although it may seem that way.

The psychologist and writer has analyzed these benefits for them. “In favor is that they can have mutual support and this can provide your partner with emotional support in the most difficult moments and that can make you share experiences and face challenges,” he explains. It can also help mitigate that feeling of loneliness that appears in these harsh survival conditions, since “it gives you comfort and security.”

On the other hand, Ferreiro points out that “the island can be a balm that is there 24/7 and knowing that they have to manage conflicts. That is, there can be a union.” “On the other hand, the personality may be seen as camouflaged by your partner and that you do not have your own identity, that the contest conditions you a lot, that in the end it is not you but that you bring out the toxic side of your partner and that you can’t shine in your contest with yourself or for yourself, both Mario and Claudia.”

But not only this part would be something negative about competing as a couple since for Lara there are more details. “Apart from not being yourself and canceling your identity and having a joint identity, there can be conflicts as a couple, that is, a lot of tensions, conflicts, in the end they don’t eat, the conditions in which they are there,” she explains. In fact, for Ferreiro this “can cause a lot of additional stress, frequent arguments and lack of communication”. Finally, it can also cause them to see each other as competition and not as allies and that one wants to stand out from the other.

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