Pantera sends Isa and Omar to the nominees plate of La Casa de los Famosos

Pantera sends Isa and Omar to the nominees plate of La Casa de los Famosos
Pantera sends Isa and Omar to the nominees plate of La Casa de los Famosos

During the central gala of ‘The House of the Famous’ Colombia Many emotions were experienced, because once again a call through the dreaded telephone inside the house would set the course within the slate of nominees.

In the first minutes, the presenters Cristina Hurtado and Carla Giraldo established contact with the participants to announce that, by decision of the boss, Mafe Walker will not be able to go to the lifesaving test on Saturday, April 20 and that she will go directly to the elimination room due to their waste of water in the midst of water rationing in Bogotá.

Moments later the phone rang and it was Kevin Fuentes, better known as ‘Pantera’, who answered and heard the boss announce that he had to nominate two celebrities.


Pantera took revenge on Omar Murillo

On the other hand, the presenters connected to the terrace of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ Colombia from where after several minutes they questioned the participant about the decision he had to make.

The participant said he felt stunned by the dynamic that he did not expect, since he wanted to get rid of the path of elimination, which fell on him the day before, when Omar Murillo, better known as ‘8 Ball’, answered and received the benefit of being saved. plate, but nominating another and chose precisely Pantera.

“I don’t want the first person to take this as if it were some revenge, just that, well, that’s the game, I wasn’t on board yesterday, I am now, and now, well, my first nominee is Omar. Just because that’s the game, and the truth is that I have a lot of feelings with other people that I wouldn’t want to put on the board, because he was on the board and I don’t know what else to say.”

— Panther

Carla Giraldo then urged him to name the second person he chose to nominate while Cristina Hurtado asked him to explain the reasons for his decision.

“The only reason I have is that I have more feeling with other people, that, with that person, there is not much left to choose, the truth is, and my nominee is Isa”

— Panther

This is how the nominees list includes Diana Ángel, who was nominated by Tania Valencia when she left, Miguel Bueno for having answered the phone, Sebastián Gutiérrez nominated by the house and Mafe Walker by Melfi’s decision as leader of the week. Two of them will come out; one, due to the salvation of the leader, and the other due to the proof of salvation.

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