The ugliest question that Santiago del Moro asked a Big Brother participant

The couple made up of Denisse González and Bautista Mascía even had to ship, Baunisse. But after the young woman left, the question remained whether the relationship between the two would remain strong. In dialogue with Santiago del MoroGonzález stated that she was not jealous of the budding bond between Baptist and Coty.

Does it make you a little jealous Coty?, asked Santi. “No zero, no jealousy, I have no reason. Who doesn’t like Bautista, he is a very nice boy. No jealousy. We formed a really nice bond and obviously we will see what happens outside,” he said. Denise.

Let us remember that, before, Baptist He said he wouldn’t mind Gonzalez leave the game if he could stay. By way of closing, Denise He said: “But deep inside I have complete confidence in him, nothing is going to happen, it’s a game. I am waiting for him out here.”

The participant spoke with Santiago

It is known that in the house of Big Brother things are always happening. If it is not a fight, it is a new alliance or strategy or, as is the case on this occasion, some participants chose to have sex. Yes ok Big Brother 2023 presented some oddities compared to other seasons of the reality show in the country and even in the world, and the consolidation of some couples took place, this time Denise and Baptistthey achieved a strange record within the house.

The participant’s re-entry lit up the hours in the most famous house. The thing is that, four days after returning to the game, as part of the “Golden tickets” that she gave the program, the player fulfilled her promise and as soon as she re-entered she went straight to eating the Uruguayan’s mouth. Her campaign to get back into the game had revolved around bringing romance and fire to a house that until now had been quite lukewarm in that type of passion.

Bautista is still in the house

The super kiss with the participant grew in crescendo the following days and the couple ended up having sex in the men’s room, while the rest of the contestants slept. The fact was leaked on the networks when the next day, in the morning, the aspiring model told Catalina Gorostidi, another of the players who re-entered, who had agreed with the young Uruguayan. “He told me that he missed me and a lot of nice things,” said a smiling Denisewhile whispering to the pediatrician that she had been able to be intimate with him.

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