Why does The House of the Famous change its schedule starting this Monday?

Why does The House of the Famous change its schedule starting this Monday?
Why does The House of the Famous change its schedule starting this Monday?

The reality The house of the famous closed the week with three important news: the departure of the actor Omar Murillothe nomination for elimination of all the contestants and the announcement that Starting this Monday, April 22, the program changes schedule.

The format, driven by the paisas Cristina Hurtado and Carla Giraldoruns (Monday to Friday) from 9:30 pm to 8:00 pm, while on weekends it remains at its usual schedule (8:00 pm).

Now The house of the famous will compete directly for the rating against Challenge XXfrom Caracol, which is currently the most watched program in Colombia.

Although RCN did not explain the reasons for the change, it is presumed that it is all due to a strategy due to the poor audience results of the soap opera. Crimson red, which premiered last Tuesday, April 16 and which has not had a good reception from the public in terms of audiences.

On the other hand, the premiere of the dramatized Caracol, Give me life back has had a good start, to the point that there are days when it beats The house of the famous.

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The social networks question RCN’s decision, they say that if it did not beat RCN in ratings Give me life backthe more difficult it will be against Desafío, a program that is quite popular and that is reflected in the rating numbers.

Last Friday, Challenge It was the most watched program in the country, with an audience of 11.53, while The house of the famous He was fifth, with 5.24.

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Regarding soap operas, Give me life backfrom Caracol, scored 6.85 and was third in the top 10 most watched programswhile Crimson red He got 4.34 and barely took ninth place.

The 8 Ball exit

Omar Murillo became the eleventh eliminated from The house of the famous Colombiaafter learning that he was the participant with the lowest percentage awarded by the public with 11.37%.

For his part, Kevin Fuentes, “’Pantera” with 35.03%, Miguel Bueno with 28.22% and Sebastián González with 25.38%, who were also on the nomination plate, received the majority of votes that represent the support of the hearing so they can continue inside the house.

Ómar nominated Pantera to go directly to the nomination gala.

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