Tierra Brava: “Guarén” called Mateucci and Agostini “Treasonable shit…”

Tierra Brava: “Guarén” called Mateucci and Agostini “Treasonable shit…”
Tierra Brava: “Guarén” called Mateucci and Agostini “Treasonable shit…”

Guarén still does not feel hurt by her departure from Tierra Brava, and she blamed the finalists for it.

Valentina Torres was one of the guests on the digital program waiting for the grand finale of Brave Landwhere he described the finalists as “treasonous shit…”

The so-called “Guarén” referred with harsh words to Luis Mateucci and Fabio Agostinifor his role as captain during the reality show.

This when they asked him who he wanted to win the reality show Tierra Brava. While she noted that she wouldn’t say anything until the end, she did tease some things.

“Guarén” referred to the Tierra Brava finalists

“I’m not going to say who I’m going for until the end… my verdict is going to be the end, and I’m going to tell you why later, but I’m going to give you a spoiler: I find both of them to be fucking traitors…”he sentenced.

React Tierra Brava – Channel 13

“In truth, people know… There are several reasons why I wouldn’t go for either of them. First, it was thanks to Fabio that I left the reality show. Onda, he threw me at Mateucci (to compete) and Mateucci did. I would have been a good captain, I would have said ‘you know what, I’m not going against her.’ “No one wore the shirt as captain.”he said, remembering his departure from the program after losing a competition.

However, he did answer the question of who he thinks is going to win, naming the Argentine as the winner.

“Statistically, I think there may be a possibility that Mateucci wins, because he has a lot of cardio and that is key,” said the young woman.

“Fabio is explosive and powerful, but we don’t know how long this final will last so we’ll see. I think Mateucci wins due to cardio, but you never know,” he concluded.

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