Carlos Manuel Vesga, in the shoes of two “undesirables”, in Devuélveme la vida and Hijacking of Flight 601

Carlos Manuel Vesga, in the shoes of two “undesirables”, in Devuélveme la vida and Hijacking of Flight 601
Carlos Manuel Vesga, in the shoes of two “undesirables”, in Devuélveme la vida and Hijacking of Flight 601

The only name of the Bogota actor Carlos Manuel Vesga It bodes well for viewers, who see a seal of quality in each of their characters.

He is currently on the air in two productions, in each of them with completely opposite roles, which speak of his versatility and talent.

In Give me back my life, from Caracol, it is Alfredo Azcáratea cotton businessman, rough, conservative, classist and racist, while in the series Hijacking of Flight 601, from Netflix, personifies the Flaco Marulandaan unscrupulous journalist, quite colorful.

The 48-year-old actor, who started in War and peace gang, Poor Paul and Floricientaspoke with EL COLOMBIANO about these two projects.

Vesga says that for an actor to play a period character is a marvel, a gift.

“In this case (Give me life back) is very interesting, although he is a character in the context of another era, there are many features of that role that persist even today, sadly there are many behaviors and ways of thinking that we have not yet been able to overcome as a society, we have improved, but there is still a long way to go a lot,” says Vesga, explaining that this role implies extra responsibility.

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TO Alfredo AzcáratHe defines him as a terrible guy “who carries a bitterness that does not let him live, although that does not justify the terrible things he does. He is a villain in capital letters.”

About the return of this type of stories to the screen, with all the characteristics of melodramathe actor says that good stories are timeless and can be rethought again and again. “We will always be moved by injustice, love, pain, desires and dreams, “So how wonderful to return to a classic story in its narrative, which shows human nuances.”

Highlights the young talent in Give me back my life, At the same time he emphasizes that he loves “teaching”, being able to transmit and share his experience and work with the newest students.

Skinny Marulanda

About Azcárate and Marulanda, his two on-air characters, says that he would not have liked to meet either of them.

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“What happens is that Flaco (Hijacking of Flight 601) produces half a laugh, he is a poor fraud. It was a gift to play that character, the directors gave me free rein to add whatever I considered relevant and telling me that is like giving a child a box of crayons, I am happy proposing.”

About the inspiration to build the Flaco Marulanda He says that in the 70s and even the 80s, journalists were very much like “stars, celebrities,” because they were people that everyone saw and listened to, “that’s why they had a tremendous ego, they used very pompous language, they were like poets of the news to dishearten the audiences.”

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Carlos Manuel regrets that the actors do not have enough time to sit like another viewer to see their work on screen, although he recognizes that they con Bring me back to life He is doing everything possible to not miss the production, not only for his work, but for its audiovisual and narrative quality.

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