The new and scandalous fight between Furia and Coti due to a mistake in Big Brother

The new and scandalous fight between Furia and Coti due to a mistake in Big Brother
The new and scandalous fight between Furia and Coti due to a mistake in Big Brother

“In your defense, you wrote it well and some idiot… told you that it went with h. Cut,” Furia launched, without any filter. Although the girl from Corrientes apologized to her partner for her spelling error, she did not hesitate to go out to the coach’s intersection: “Slowly, Juliana, I’m not stupid…”.

Embed – A comment from Furia sparked a strong argument with Coty – Big Brother

In his defense, Furia denied having referred to her, but Coti explained that he took it for granted because he was the one who gave the indication to Nicolás. “I was the one who told him. Why don’t you be calmer and say things well? (…) It seems to me that they are not the forms, I prefer that you stop and tell me,” she retorted as she got up from her seat.

This led to a tense back-and-forth between the women and, when Juliana asked her to calm down, Coti declared: “Calm down. I’m not going to put up with those things. “I am not Joel, Agostina or Catalina.” Quickly, users echoed the controversy: while some called for Coti’s departure, claiming that this is not her Big Brother, others questioned Fury’s ways.

How was Furia and Coti’s fight with kisses included in Big Brother

Last week, Rage and Coti Romero They staged another strong crossing in Big Brother which quickly went viral on networks. A comment from the coach about “luxuries” in weekly shopping made the Corrientes jump, a reason that motivated several spicy comments among the participants.

At the most unusual point of the argument, Furía provoked Coti by asking him if he wanted to hear her scream. The influencer did not back down and faced her, to the point of each being a few centimeters away from the other, between screams, pushes and headbutts. The rest of the “little brothers” were petrified watching the scene.

After a few seconds, with a “Judas kiss” included from Fury, both decided to abandon the confrontation and sit away from each other to avoid sanctions. However, it was clear that the lace was destabilized after the confrontation.

In fact, another video emerged that would explain the origin of Constanza’s anger. Before this fight, Juliana left an “anti-knife” photo of Julieta Poggio, Daniela Celis and Romina Uhrig on her bed, which upset her. When she asked other classmates who had posted that photo, Florencia slipped “Maybe it was Fury.”

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