Bautista’s strong anger with Nicolás in Big Brother

Bautista’s strong anger with Nicolás in Big Brother
Bautista’s strong anger with Nicolás in Big Brother

When you watch the video in question, you can clearly see how Baptist He got angry with his friend for not helping him in the kitchen as he promised minutes before: “Nico is fine, you don’t need to come. Everyone wants to eat fajitas but no one wants to work”the Uruguayan launched with irony.

“He told me to call Martín but if you want I’ll help you”Told him Emmanuel Vich to Baptist to try to intercede between the two.

Then it was time to eat and there Baptist He once again reminded him of the unfulfilled promise to Nicholas: “I don’t get angry but you take charge, you understand? If we agree on something and you’re not going to do it, you tell someone else, you leave me lying there for two hours making fajitas.”

“When you start, call me, you told me. Now I’m coming, you told me. Do I have to go look for you all the time?”finished Baptist very upset by that attitude in the face of the serious look of his group mate.

Coti Romero confessed to Emmanuel and confirmed her love for Bautista in Big Brother

In Big Brother, Telefe, Coti Romero confessed with Emmanuel Vich and told him that he likes Bautista Mascia. In addition, she revealed how the Uruguayan behaves with her.

“Sometimes you feel things you don’t feel like feeling, it’s not your fault,” the hairdresser advised him about the feelings he has towards Baptistone of the members of the ‘Bros’.

“If things happen to you, things happen to you. You can’t control it. What you can do is forget it”added the man from Córdoba.

Baptist Within the reality show he had an affair with the former player Denise Gonzalez and they agreed to continue their relationship once he leaves the most famous house in the country.

CotiMeanwhile, he reflected on the deal he will have with the singer: “I’m going to try to avoid situations, I’m not going to talk to him because I’m going to make him feel very uncomfortable. I’m not looking for anything.”

“I didn’t realize it, the girls told me that they felt something and then I felt that he was moving away a lot and that’s what I’m going to do now,” he added.

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