bullying, rejection and how he created ‘Maria José’

bullying, rejection and how he created ‘Maria José’
bullying, rejection and how he created ‘Maria José’

The Colombian ‘influencer’ Juan Camilo Pulgarín, recognized on social networks for his character ‘María José’, has been quite popular after he became the first new member of ‘The House of the Famous’, unleashing emotion among his ‘reality’ colleagues.

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With her characteristic shoulder-length black wig and glasses, Pulgarín thrilled the participants a few weeks ago with her arrival. Natalia Segura, Karen Sevillano, Miguel Melfi, Juan David and Mafe Walkerwho enthusiastically welcomed their new partner.

Camilo Pulgarín opens his heart in ‘The Line of Life’

In a key moment of the dynamic ‘Line of Life’ in ‘La Casa de los Famosos Colombia’, produced by Canal RCN and Vix, Camilo Pulgarín opened his heart to share crucial moments that have marked his life.

“They hit me at school. There were hard, hard things, things that in my childhood made me think a lot of bad thoughts,” the content creator shared.

The ‘influencer’ revealed that he had suffered ‘bullying’ during his school years, facing harsh criticism for his physical appearance, his orientation and his personality. According to him, in his childhood he felt a set of bad things and everything that was not seen well by society.

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The abuse he experienced at school even led him to face episodes of depression.

Furthermore, Pulgarín shared the fear he felt when accepting his sexual orientation, hiding his first romantic relationship for fear of his parents’ rejection.

“In 2012, a boy named Daniel entered my life and he was my first boyfriend. Everything was very crazy, because the relationship with Danny ended because his mother realized and threatened to tell my parents. How do I tell my family that I am what they criticize? “said the content creator.

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It was in college when he finally decided to confess his reality to them, facing his fears and taking an important step towards his personal acceptance.

How did you start to be ‘Maria José’?

According to Camilo Pulgarín, he began recording videos for fun, giving life to ‘María José’, a character that went viral and completely transformed his life. “María José was a friend of mine at university,” he explained.

“For me, more than a character, he is the tool with which I brought many people in my family forward,” shared Pulgarín, highlighting the positive impact that ‘María José’ has had on her life and in those around him. “Calm down, I’m going to take care of you,” he concluded.

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