Fran Maira stripped Faloon Larraguibel in Win or Serve – Publimetro Chile

Fran Maira stripped Faloon Larraguibel in Win or Serve – Publimetro Chile
Fran Maira stripped Faloon Larraguibel in Win or Serve – Publimetro Chile

The first activity of the reality show “Win ​​or Serve” left unexpected repercussions. Apparently, Faloon Larraguibel’s statements against the participant Pangal Andrade did not sit well with many, especially Fran Mairawho charged at the former Yingo girl.

It was in the third episode of the reality show that Larraguibel called Pangal “fake” and questioned his “defensive” attitude. “I didn’t know Pangal outside. He felt that you were projecting another personality and I haven’t seen it that way here. But I hope it changes.”the former flavor host pointed out to the athlete.

These words did not sit well with the former Year 0 participant, who replied to his confinement partner. “What personality?” she questioned.


Once the activity was over, the reactions were immediate. Fran Maira took advantage of the opportunity and addressed the leader of his team, while he was talking with Claudio Valdivia. “You are so unbearable that everyone hates you,” he told Pangal jokingly.

When asked about the reason for her comment, the former Big Brother player assured Andrade that “They are envious of you, obviously. They want to tell you that you sell yourself as a hue… hippie, from the mountains and the hueá, so people believe that to promote something you have to be 100% like that.”.

In that sense, she implied that she did not agree with the opinion of her teammates on the rival team. “It seems stupid to me,” she said about it.

Fran Maira Fran Maira attacked Faloon. Screenshot

Likewise, he let his leader know that he had also noticed the change in attitude he had after taking the role of “Sir.”

“I can also notice that you put on the suit (of a gentleman, after winning the group competition) and you look like a boss, and unfortunately there are people who put on that hue… (clothes) and continue to see themselves on the other side ( servants), and that hurts people: and you look good, a guy… who gives orders, leader, for sure,” he said.

“There are people who pay attention to him, who were born to be bosses, and others who don’t,” he added.

Immediately, the blonde pointed directly at Faloon Larraguibel, and sent a flower of naught against her reality show partner. “The Faloon caught my attention. The truth is I didn’t know who chu… she was before coming here. No fucking idea. When I met her, I found her charming. I loved her vibe, I found her pretty, light, I loved her”indicated the model.

However, this impression did not last more than two chapters. “As the hours passed, I felt like I was faking it. She fell off me, I found her bad vibes”he pointed.

This comment did not go unnoticed on social networks, where followers of the program questioned Fran Maira’s statements by pointing out that she had no idea of ​​the existence of Faloon, this since recently the former girl Yingo was at the center of controversy after being physically attacked by his ex-partner, the soccer player Jean Paul Pineda.

“Please, if you are the stranger here”, “Cizañera for talking behind your back” and “Tremenda perso”, were some of the comments that pointed to the former Big Brother.

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