The excellent news for C5N in the middle of the holiday

Every day Argentine news portals try to reach the hearts of the public. A quite difficult task due to the amount of competition that exists and because currently there is a large majority of the population that no longer chooses live news, but instead obtains information through online media.

We are facing the era of streaming and television on demand, in addition to hundreds of accounts that have a large amount of information via social networks. That is why it is a little difficult for people to choose live TV. Fortunately C5N got some good news today regarding that.

C5N took home a prize this holiday.

The fight for rating It is quite complicated and the leaders are always C5N, TN, LN+; Disputes happen between them and every day some programs steal the attention of viewers. The reality is that most studies indicate that older adults choose live television the most.

Fortunately C5N He got good news during the siesta of this May 1st, Worker’s Day. The chain was one of the first in the rating, although in general the points were quite low as usually happens on holidays, when people do not choose to listen to news so much as entertainment.

The points of rating They were favorable.

C5N reached 3.1 points of rating and was well above LN+, which obtained, as never before, a low 2.5, and also above TN, which came in third place with 1.9. Below them also appeared Crónica with 1.4 and Canal 26 with a 0.5, finally A24 with a low 0.3.

C5N was won on this holiday.

The winning channel maintained those points for much of this national holiday, somehow they managed to hook the public with a little entertainment in the middle of the news to avoid losing a huge amount of audience as usually happens on days off.

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