Sex in ‘Survivors 2024’? A contestant’s hidden night of passion comes to light

Although the majority of ‘Survivors‘ They talk about a total loss of libido during the months of living together, some did find the strength to unleash their passion in Honduras like Chiqui and Borja in ‘Survivientes 2014’, Violeta Mangriñán and Fabio Colloricchio in the 2019 edition or Hugo Sierra and Ivana Icardi in 2020.

Carlos Sobera, in ‘Survivors 2024’

Telecinco Capture

Everything indicated that in the current edition we were going to run out of ‘quilting’. Finito de Córdoba visited Arantxa del Sol and, from what the cameras captured, nothing happened. Ana Herminia assured that she would never have sexual relations on a television program and she ruled out having anything more than kisses on her wedding night with Ángel Cristo Jr.

There are more and more single contestants left on the program, with the exception of Blanca Manchón, Gorka Ibarguren, Kiko Jiménez, Arkano or Aurah Ruiz. Another possibility is that love arises between Marieta and Rubén Torres, that they are getting closer and their ‘foolishness’ grows like foam.

Finito de Córdoba and Arantxa del Sol, in ‘Survivors 2024’

Telecinco Capture

However, the show’s cameras have not captured everything. In a racy conversation between the contestants in which they talked about their sex lives, Arantxa del Sol She confessed to Kiko Jiménez that she had been abstinent for less time than him. With these statements, the program and the viewers They understood that there was a lot of love the night they shared the island with her husband.

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