The new channels coming to Pluto TV now in May

The new channels coming to Pluto TV now in May
The new channels coming to Pluto TV now in May

These are the channels that are coming to Pluto TV in May, and we explain exactly what each of them consists of.

There are many offers to watch television without DTT, some through applications, through the web or on sites such as Pluto TV.

However, Pluto TV has been including a multitude of channels in recent months, highlighting the great classics of Spanish cinema.

Now with the arrival of the month of May, Pluto TV launches no less than five new channels totally free for viewers, and especially for science fiction lovers.

We let you know the five new channels coming to Pluto TV, and their release date so that you can keep an eye on them from day one.

These are the new channels coming to Pluto TV and what they offer

The first to arrive is Call the midwifewhich focuses on the BBC series of the same name, which tells the stories of a group of nurses in London in the late 1950s. Seasons 1 to 5 will be rebroadcast. The channel will be available starting May 3.

A little later, on May 10, the action nights from Pluto TV, which is a channel that will offer some of the most charismatic action movies in Hollywood, such as The Fortress license, among others.

On the other hand, also premiering on May 24 is the Star Trek The Next Generation channel, which will broadcast seasons 1 to 3 of this series.

Another channel that you are going to love is the Sci-Fi Series from Pluto TV, also starting May 24, and which will offer many other films and series related to travel in space or the unknown world.

Finally the remaining channel called MTV Rockwill begin to be available on May 27, and as you can imagine, it will offer related content about the most charismatic rockers of all time.

In this way, in just a few days, Pluto TV It will have more than 100 different dials so you can enjoy this television that does not require DTT to be enjoyed.

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