Who is who in The Asunta Case, the Spanish Netflix miniseries based on a bloody true event?

The Asunta case has managed to sneak into the top three places on the list of the most viewed content on Netflix since its premiere on April 26: meet the actors and characters of this Spanish series based on a terrible true event.

In Mexico, The Asunta case has gained a lot of popularity and, in fact, it is only behind baby reindeeranother interesting production based on a disturbing true casein terms of number of reproductions, which makes it an interesting bet to see on this holiday.

Have you already given a chance to The Asunta case? Maybe if you take a look at the cast, you will be encouraged to marathon this Spanish series that has already given enough to talk about, especially because of the enormous similarity that exists between the actors and the real-life people they represent.


  • Iris Whu as “Asunta Basterra”

The actress of Asian origin Iris Whu made her triumphant debut on the small screen with the role of “Asunta Basterra”, a young Chinese woman adopted by “Alfonso Basterra” and “Rosario Porto” who disappeared in September 2013; A day later, her body was located.


Iris Wu debuts on the small screen with her role as “Asunta Basterra.”

  • Tristán Ulloa as “Alfonso Basterra”

Tristan Ulloawho we have already seen in projects like Farina and Lucia and sex, he puts himself in the shoes of “Alfonso Basterra”, the adoptive father of “Asunta” and who was considered a key player in the girl’s murder.


Tristán Ulloa plays “Alfonso Basterra”.

  • Candela Peña as “Rosario Porto”

“Rosario Porto”, a lawyer who was taken to the Spanish Court After the mysterious death of “Asunta”, his adopted daughter, it is masterfully performed by Candela Peñawho has appeared in important films such as I give you my eyes and Everything about my mother.


Candela Peña steps into the shoes of “Rosario Porto”.

  • Javier Gutiérrez is “Judge Malvar”

Although “Judge Malvar” did not exist in real life, this character was based on José Antonio Vázquez Taín, the magistrate in charge of the so-called “Asunta case”; Actor Javier Gutiérrez was summoned for this role.

  • Francesc Orella as “José Luis Gutiérrez Aranguren”

The lawyer in charge of defending “Rosario Porto” During the trial he was played in this Netflix fiction by Francesc Orella.

  • Alicia Borrachero as “Belén Hospido”

The actress Alicia Borrachero, who we can see in the film Terminator 6: Dark Fateput himself in the skin of “Belén Hospido”, the defense lawyer of “Alfonso Basterra”.


The Asunta case It premiered on April 26 on the Netflix platform and consists of six chapterswhich makes it an ideal option to marathon on this May 1 holiday, we are sure that it will captivate you from the first moment!

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