“I’m sorry they talked about it behind his back” — FMDOS

This Wednesday, May 1, in Win or Serve The first Assembly was held, in which the fourth nominated participant of the Channel 13 reality show was chosen.

The team that had to decide who to vote for was the Soberanos, the one that followed the strategy put together by Pangal Andrade.

Who is the fourth Win or Serve nominee?

During the dynamic, each of the players had to vote for a partner to send them to the elimination duel.

The participants who received a vote were: Pangal Andrade, Mariela Sotomayor, Austin Palao and Claudio Valdivia.

Win Or Serve Nominee
Credits: Channel 13

Melina Noto’s boyfriend received 1, the journalist 1, and the Peruvian model also received 1. While the soccer player received 5, thus becoming the fourth nominee of the program.

«Claudio is the fourth nominee and accompanies Poeta, Cindy and Blue Mary on this route. One of these four will soon no longer be in this adventure,” said animator Sergio Lagos.

Jorge Valdivia’s brother understood his teammates’ decision, however, he still seemed a little upset. And he highlighted Fran Maira for not having voted for him and not having followed his team’s strategy.

In this way, within the next chapters of Win or Serve the elimination duel will take place to know who has to leave the house.

Win Or Serve Nominee
Credits: Channel 13

How did viewers react?

The decision of the Soberanos team surprised the followers of the Channel 13 reality showwho left their impressions on social networks.

Although some did not like that the players had put together the strategy without talking to him, other Internet users were happy because he was nominated, since they do not like the attitude he has had in confinement.

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