Nicolás betrayed the Bros and told Florencia everything

Nicolás betrayed the Bros and told Florencia everything
Nicolás betrayed the Bros and told Florencia everything

The participant Nicolás Grosman broke down and betrayed the “Bros” group after telling Florencia Regidor the whole truth about the plot.something that will mark a before and after in Big Brother 2023.

It all happened during a conversation of more than 20 minutes, where Florencia attacked Nicolás with questions: “Do you take care of me? Would you tell your friends not to vote for me? No, because it sucks an egg. If you liked me, you wouldn’t want me to leave. You never do what you want, you listen and repeat“With this, he sought to target his pride.

But this was not the only thing, he launched a torrent of criticism of his way of playing and Nicolás tried to play dumb so as not to respond. even accusing her of having spoken to someone to get information. This beginning of the dialogue was somewhat tense and caused Grosman to eventually break down.

Then, in the longest part of the conversation, Nicolás confessed: “I don’t want Manzana to leave. Since I have been with them from the beginning, I bank them. By codes, if they attack my people, they are attacking me“But this was far from the only thing, but he directly told him verbatim what he spoke to Big Bro when entering the confessional to vote.

On the other hand, he regretted having answered the Red Telephone: “I feel like the game sometimes forces you to do things you don’t want to, because now I answered the phone for example. I didn’t want to vote for Mauro, I didn’t want to vote for you…“. Finally, the young participant of Big Brother 2023 He clarified that if nothing mattered to him “I would have voted for Emmanuel and Juliana“.

Furia revealed who he wants to leave Big Brother 2023 and asked his fandom to vote for him: “Let’s go…”

The participant Juliana “Furia” Scaglione revealed that she wants Martín “Chino” Ku to leave and asked her fandom to vote for himso the native of Río Negro seems to have his hours numbered in Big Brother 2023.

Juliana Scaglione Fury Big Brother 2023

Fury already put his fandom to work against a nominee.

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