How old is Oriana Marzoli’s ex and what does Oriana Marzoli’s ex do today?

How old is Oriana Marzoli’s ex and what does Oriana Marzoli’s ex do today?
How old is Oriana Marzoli’s ex and what does Oriana Marzoli’s ex do today?

At the end of 2014 the reality show premiered “Love on Trial” on the Mega screens, which ended up being a complete success. Among the most popular participating couples was Oriana Marzoli from Madrid, who entered with her boyfriend Tony Spina.

Later, another Spaniard joined the program. We talk about Alex Council, a 23-year-old young man who had had a brief affair with Oriana shortly before she entered confinement.

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After the breakup with Tony, the model returned to Alex for a brief period. While they were a couple, he was willing to do anything for her and thanks to her peaceful nature, she was able to win the hearts of the audience.

Oriana Marzoli and Alex Consejo in “Love on Trial”

The romance of Alex and Paula Bolatti

Although Consejo left the space for personal reasons, this would not be his only experience on Chilean television, since in 2017 he had a new opportunity to be part of “Double Temptation”.

During his stay, he met the Argentine model Paula Bolatti, with whom he began to have an affair. Once outside, they continued the relationship and even moved in together, but finally everything ended due to “coexistence problems.”

Paula Bolatti and Alex Consejo/Glamorama

How old is Alex Consejo and what does he do?

Alex Consejo Iglesias was born on June 10, 1991, therefore, today he has 32 years. At the time of arriving in our country, the Spaniard was studying Physical Activity and Sciences.

Currently, Alex is away from the screens and maintains a low profile. Of course, he is quite popular on social networks like Instagram, where he has more than 651 thousand followers.

In his profile he shows his well-worked figure, and he is dedicated to sports and healthy living. You can also see his change in look, as he has longer hair and a beard.

The influencer and model is not single, as he usually shares images accompanied by a young woman named Dendra.

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