This is how Gustavo Adolfo Infante presented Ingrid Coronado, the host accused of demanding her departure from ‘Sale el Sol’ | VIDEO

This is how Gustavo Adolfo Infante presented Ingrid Coronado, the host accused of demanding her departure from ‘Sale el Sol’ | VIDEO
This is how Gustavo Adolfo Infante presented Ingrid Coronado, the host accused of demanding her departure from ‘Sale el Sol’ | VIDEO

Ingrid Coronado arrives with Mauricio Islas and Mark Tacher for the new season of Imagen Televisión’s morning show. Photos: @ingridcoronadomx, @deprimeramanoitv

The morning the sun rises begins a new stage this Monday, May 6which will be commanded by Mark Tacher, Mauricio Islas e Ingrid Coronado. The arrival of the new drivers has generated expectations on social networks due to their career, but also due to the morbidity generated by the hiring of the former Garibaldi, who was indicated to request the departure of Gustavo Adolfo Infante of the morning

On Friday, May 3, as he announced in a column in a national newspaper, Gustavo Adolfo Infante said goodbye to the audience of the program, where he collaborated for seven years:

“I have been and have had the luck and fortune that Imagen Televisión allowed me to work in the morning. Today I say goodbye without saying goodbye completely. Changes are coming that many of you already know, a new lineup of fellow drivers is coming, who are a beast at driving, who are going to fill you with entertainment,” he said.

Later in the program First handthe ‘Exclusive Journalist’ officially presented the new hosts of the sun rises. Although it was an open secret, the confirmation of Islas, Tacher and Ingrid Coronado as the new presenters of the morning broadcast revived the version that Infante abandoned the project at Coronado’s requestwho filed a complaint against the journalist for allegedly raping her.

Mauricio Islas, Ingrid Coronado and Mark Tacher would arrive on the morning show “Sale el Sol”, according to journalist Mitch Ruvalcaba. Photo: Instagram

In 2021, Gustavo Adolfo Infante recorded a controversy between Ingrid Coronado and her ex-partner, Charly López, who accused the presenter of dispossessing property and causing a rift with their common son. The former Garibaldi appeared in First handInfant program.

Ingrid Coronado sued Gustavo Adolfo Infante for media and gender violence for giving space to Charly López. In December 2021, upon leaving a court in Mexico City, Infante gave an interview to the cameras of the sun riseswhere he clarified that Ingrid Coronado requested protection measures which led to a series of provisions that he had to abide by, such as downloading López’s interviews from digital platforms, as well as not approaching Ingrid Coronado.

“As I did the interview, I was also given protective measures, they asked me not to approach her, not to go to her home, not to communicate with her and to download the videos where she declared herself, everything. That’s done.”explained the communicator.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante spoke about the arrival of Ingrid Coronado and the rest of the new hosts of the morning program “Sale el Sol” Credit: @deprimeramanotv,

At the end of March, almost two and a half years after being in court, Gustavo Adolfo Infante announced his departure from the sun rises. According to the journalist, he made the decision to fulfill the new functions that the company entrusted to him as Director of Entertainment for the television station.

However, journalist Lupita Martínez hinted in Despite the strength that this version acquired, on Friday, May 3, Gustavo Adolfo Infante praised Mauricio Islas, Mark Tacher and Ingrid Coronado:

“They are three professionals, three new faces for the Imagen Televisión screen who will be together with Mariana Ochoa and Paulina Mercado doing the starting pull in the driving. I think we are more than covered with this new lineup of communication professionals”said the journalist.

Aside from the controversy between Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Ingrid Coronado, the new stage of the sun rises has divided comments on social networks: “Many people from @VengaLaAlegria must be called ‘Venga El Sol’”; “Oh no, seeing Ingrid Coronado, how lazy. Already with Paulina it was insufferable and now she. What a pity. “Jean, Mariana, Gaby, Rafa and the young girl were perfect,” it is stated in the publication of First hand.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante was part of “Sale el Sol” for more than seven years. Photo: @saleelsoltv

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