Telefe received an important offer and could change its programming

As already reported in C5N.comTelefe was being audited like its brother Chilevision so that they could go on sale individually. These audits had not been successful and led to the dismissal of two important strategic people in the region.

The company in question is the Werthein Group, who It already does business with the signal by providing its “24-hour live Big Brother house” service on DirecTv Go, being the owners of the platform and DirecTv itself, but also of Sky, Torneos, Vrio, among others.


Comcast wants to buy the entire conglomerate

Comcast Website

But she is not the only one interested nor the only one who offered, but rather In these hours the proposal came from none other than Comcast Corporation, but to own all of Paramount along with the Telefe and Chilevision signals. This company already has under its power Universal Corporation, with those who have a prior agreement for the transmission of content.

A no less important fact is that It came out in the official bulletin that NBC-UNIVERSAL modified its statute in Argentina and it was approved by Enacom. This means that now you can acquire channels and licenses for open signal.


Official bulletin, which gives the green light to Universal in the country

As learned, NBC-UNIVERSAL has already offered a figure greater than 120 million dollars, since the intention is to land in Argentina with its content, regardless of the acquisition of its parent company from Paramount.

Although for the people of Telefe, at a national level they have already approved the Werthein Group, now they find themselves with this unexpected offer that they will have to analyze. In any case, the final decision will be up to the American Paramount, but the sale is a fact, that is the case and that is why the channel is rushing for its release the already recorded and repeatedly reviewed Expedition Robinson.

Yes or yes they want Susana Gimenez in June, so that in this way they can have their top stars in the showcase to demonstrate the level that they enjoy prestige, as far as figures are concerned. We will see as the days go by, who will stay with the country’s leading channel.

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