Eurofans choose their favorite from Eurovision 2024 through Spotify: Joost, from the Netherlands

ANDNext Saturday, May 11, the Eurovision final, which in 2024 will take place in Malmö (Sweden). For weeks there has been speculation about the name of the possible winner of the crystal microphone and Spotify is one of the streaming music platforms that has been monitoring the reproductions of all artists for some time. The eurofans have spoken and Joost, from the Netherlandsis the great favorite.

The 68th edition of the song festival starts this Tuesday, May 7, with its first semifinal and just two days later the second will take place. The chosen ones of each round will join the ‘Big Five’composed of Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Spotify’s most listened to

With just a few days left until the Swedish city of Malmö hosts the grand final, Spotify has released the data for the last month. Joost sweeps and he is the artist whose reproductions have grown the most with 20%, well above another of the great favorites, the Italian Angelina Mango. In total, the Netherlands’ song, ‘Europapa’, added more than 4.6 million listens.

‘La noia’, the song chosen by Italy, reached 3.8 monthly views. Far from the two big favorites was ‘Unforgettable’, by Marcus & Martinus (Sweden)which added 1.9 million listens and thus occupies the podium of the three big favorites in Eurovision 2024.

To find the Spanish representative, Nebulossa and her ‘Zorra’, you have to go back to the sixth position from the ranking on Spotify. Meanwhile, data from the streaming music platform reveals that, after Spain, the national public would choose Italy as the winner of the crystal microphone. On May 11, starting at 9:00 p.m., all Eurofans’ doubts will be dispelled.

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