Big Brother refused to return the dog Arturo and the rescuers will initiate legal action: the reasons

Big Brother refused to return the dog Arturo and the rescuers will initiate legal action: the reasons
Big Brother refused to return the dog Arturo and the rescuers will initiate legal action: the reasons

The Huellitas Perdidas association, in charge of its custody, once again referred to the animal and the hostile environment in which it is found.

The Asociation Lost Footprints announced that it will take legal action against the production of Big Brother after refusing to withdraw Arthur of the show facilities. This request came after a recent increase in tension and hostility among the show’s participants that alarmed viewers and followers, exposing the dog to a potentially harmful environment.

The An organization dedicated to animal rescue initially requested the release of Arturo, who was taken in by the reality show contestants, arguing the need to safeguard the canine’s well-being. The group’s request was motivated by the outbreak of violence inside the house, which represents a risk to the emotional and physical safety of the dog.

At that moment, they highlighted: “We want to express our discontent With the events that are happening in the Big Brother house regarding Arturo, a dog rescued from abuse, who entered the program to be his transit home, the participants provide him with the necessary care that an animal needs and later he is given in adoption”. In turn, they pointed out that the objective of their collaboration with the program was always “to generate a message of awareness about the importance of getting involved, rescuing, transitioning and giving up for adoption.”

The violent episodes that Arturo experienced on GH

Maintaining the same line, the organization pointed out that the reality show is one of the most watched on the small screen, so it was ideal to spread its message. However, this took a backseat after observing the environment in which the greyhound lived. “We believe that the decision was not correct, since limits were crossed, since as far as we are concerned, they are not healthy for Arturo. we were wrong“, they stated in the post published on Monday, where they made it clear that the most famous house in the country was not suitable for him. “We immediately request the production of Big Brother Argentina to return the dog, pony“I am made available, by this group, to a transit home, necessary care and subsequent adoption, subject to the corresponding adoption form,” they demanded in a formal request.

However, in the last few hours, the association issued a new statement: “We regret to inform you that the production of Big Brother she is not willing to hand over Arturo, despite our request and provision. Our intention was to make the request public, with respect and putting into words what is happening and what we want for the dog.”

The new statement issued by the rescuers, given Big Brother’s refusal to take the dog out of the house (Instagram)

The letter detailed that the intention was to find a friendly solution that would guarantee the well-being of the animal, although the production of the cycle rejected their requests with an argument that was not well received: “We got a NO in response, arguing that we can see Arturo 24 hours a day., Yeah! how they read! Apparently the rating and pure marketing strategies make a living being take a backseat.” This situation underscores the challenges animal welfare organizations face when their efforts conflict with commercial and entertainment interests.

Thus, Huellitas Perdidas’ decision was to take the legal route: “We did everything on our part to ensure that this was resolved as healthy as possible for Arturo, but Given this refusal, we see no choice but to take the corresponding legal actions.. “We are saddened to have to go through this situation, since as many know, our task is focused on another point, to continue rescuing, but we have no other alternative, since the production of Big Brother eludes our request.”

Del Moro spoke about the care of the dog Arturo

Followers of the cycle, eager for information about what was happening with the animal, were waiting for a statement at one of the galas, and this happened last Monday, when Santiago del Moro He referred to the issue, which generated a new controversy. In moments when Martin Kuthe participant with the most affinity with the dog, had it in his arms in the living room, the driver stated: “You are already the owner of the dogYesterday you said it publicly. Even though he is monitored 24 hours a day by a veterinarian, he has his walker, his best food, his medication and all the attention in the world, and more, he has an owner who is you, you are responsible for that dog in that house,” he pointed.

While Martín nodded about the decision to adopt the dog, Del Moro continued: “I saw you collecting the poop and everything, so, well, You are the owner, you are the father of that beauty”, and then list the responsibilities, something that was not taken well by some of the spectators, who expressed their refusal to continue in that violent environment.

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