Open premiere in prime time

Open premiere in prime time
Open premiere in prime time

At Atresmedia, soap operas of Turkish origin or their Spanish versions triumph, but, despite the fact that ‘The Turkish Passion’ It might seem that way from its title, in reality it has very different origins, almost a cult work. Because first it was a suggestive novel, written in 1993 by Antonio Gala; later, a film of the same name Vicente Aranda that exuded eroticism, starring Ana Belen, in one of his most memorable roles, and now takes the form of a series. A series released, with the same title, through the platform Atresplayerwhich starting this Thursday, 9 (10:40 p.m.), offers open Antenna 3.

In this new fiction she is the actress Maggie Civantos (‘Vis a vis’, ‘Malaka’, ‘Express’) who plays Olivia, the Fine Arts professor whose torrid relationship with a Turk, Yaman (Ilker Kaleli), an attractive antiques expert who will take her to an extreme situation.

The action of this fiction six 50 minute episodes The duration begins when the woman wakes up from a coma in an Istanbul hospital after a suicide attempt and is then questioned by an inspector who is investigating her alleged collaboration in the art smuggling network in which her Turkish lover was involved. The lifestyle that the man led and his relationship with the powerful Emir and his wife, Lupe, had made the Spanish woman suspect that something was up. But the blind love she felt for him had made her accept the situation.

Police collaborator

The protagonist’s story is reconstructed in two times: the overwhelming passion that this intelligent, independent woman who fled from commitment to men lived with Yaman, which made her abandon her brilliant career in Spain. An obsessive relationship full of lights and shadows that fuel the mystery. To avoid going to prison, being suspected of having participated in her business, she will end up accepting to collaborate with the police. Although it is difficult to know if she does it to save herself or what she really wants is to protect her loved one and, incidentally, her self-destructive love story.

The cast is completed with Spanish and Turkish actors and actresses: Ainhoa ​​Santamaría, in the role of Laura, Olivia’s sister; Yasemin Sannino, in del Fatma, the Turkish researcher; Fernando Andina is Pablo, his ex, the closest thing he had ever had to a partner; Laura Pamplona she plays Rosario, the vice-consul’s wife and his only friend in Istanbul; Cosimo Fusco is Emir, Yaman’s partner; Arlette Torres, to Lupe, Emir’s wife; Yigit Ege Yazar is Ozan, the Turk’s faithful assistant, and Mariona Terés is Espe, the protagonist’s best friend. The fiction is a production of Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Buendía Estudios and is directed by Iñaki Peñafiel.

A toxic relationship

“It is a story that must be seen from beginning to end, because the first chapters focus on the story of passionbut the last three stop more in the ‘thriller’ and the need to see what has happened and piece together the story little by little,” says Maggie Civantos. The actress from Malaga confesses that at first she gave the project a lot of respect as everyone had the novel and the film in their heads. ” But they told me that this was a very cool adaptation and an update. And they needed a clean look,” she says.

And that relationship of control and dependence is actually what is now called toxic relationship. “The current view of the series is precisely that it describes an extremely toxic relationship and at the end there is a reflection on it,” he details. And, in addition to the wonderful images of the city of Istanbul, the actress maintains that viewers will discover a story that will captivate them. “Those who don’t know it, I think they will like it. And those who read the novel or saw the movie, do a reset and you will find the essence of all that and very interesting new things,” he concludes.

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