What is former reality guy Clovis Nienow doing today?

What is former reality guy Clovis Nienow doing today?
What is former reality guy Clovis Nienow doing today?

In 2019, when “I will resist” would be broadcast on Mega screens, the name of Clovis Nienow gained notoriety among the audience. The Mexican was one of the strongest participants, which caused him to be baptized “thor“, just like the Marvel superhero.

But beyond his physical qualities to compete, Clovis became one of the reality stars, as he managed to conquer not one, but three of his companions: Zuleidy Aguilar, Manelyk González already Fran Undurraga.

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Clovis Nienow in “I Will Resist”

The Chilean was the last to have a romance with the model and despite the conflicts they experienced during the confinement, after the end of the program they resumed the relationship, which extended until 2021.

Who is Clovis Nienow?

Clovis Nienow is a Mexican television personality who was born on June 19, 1993, therefore, today he has 30 years. He studied acting for three years, which allowed him to have small appearances in Aztec soap operas.

Until recently he dedicated himself to traveling the world creating content for social networks. On her Instagram account, where she has 1.3 million, she has shared images from countries such as Greece, , Italy, Morocco, France and Spain.

Reality shows have been an important part of his on-screen career. After her time in “Resisitiré”, she participated in “Too Hot to Handle: Latino” in 2021 and that same year she was in “For love or money”.

His recent visit to “La Casa de los Famosos”

At the beginning of 2024 it was announced that it would be in the fourth season of the well-known reality show. “The House of the Famous” of Mexico, in which he ended up becoming one of the most beloved participants of the public. However, after 13 weeks in confinement, Clovis was eliminated.

In a recent interview with People en Español, the Mexican indicated that in the future he would like to exploit his acting side, although he is not closed to entering another reality show. “I am an all-terrain man”, he claimed.

Asked about how he sees himself in 5 more years, Clovis responded “I see myself well at work, with good projects in the field. One of my dreams is to have a family, find a woman who values ​​me, that I value her, that we respect each other, that we build something and even in one of those a little child.

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